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Discover what’s most important show in the preview WWE Raw June 8, 2020.

WWE issued this Monday a new chapter of Monday Night Raw from the Performance Center. As usual, our colleague Adam will be in charge of recounting the minute-to-minute what go happening during the coverage. Until then, we tell you what is most important in the pre-WWE Raw 8 June 2020.

Edge and Christian are back for a new edition of The Peep Show

Results WWE Raw 8 June 2020

Christian will return to Raw this Monday to organise a special edition of “The Peep Show”, with his lifelong friend and team-mate Edge as a guest.

The Rated-R Superstar is preparing for what could be The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever against Randy Orton, with The Viper basking on setting the perfect trap for the WWE Hall of Famer to just six days of its shock inmenos. What you have to say Edge just six days before WWE Backlash.

Asuka gives a rematch to Charlotte Flair

Previous WWE Raw June 8, 2020

Even with a clash of WWE’s Backlash against Nia Jax coming up, Asuka still can not forget his rivalry with Charlotte Flair, they will be found on Monday.

The Champion Female of Raw fought against The Queen last week on Raw only for their next challenge to emerge to interfere. Jax was not satisfied with simply mocking his opponent for WWE Backlash, as he later demolished it with a load on the ramp.

Flair will also be motivated after losing the title female in NXT at NXT TakeOver: In Your House. Perhaps a rematch with one of their rivals most heated is exactly what The Queen needs to make it to a championship course.

Who will write the next chapter of this classic rivalry?

The new champions for couples Bayley and Sasha Banks will appear on Raw

The blue brand belongs to Bayley & Sasha Banks , but the “role models” are far from content. The newly crowned Champions of Pairs of Women are ready to appear on Raw after defeating Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross to claim the titles.

Never missing the proclamations, the double champion and The Boss are ready to disclose an imminent announcement on the red mark.

What say Bayley & Banks after its triumph over Bliss & Cross? How do you respond to the Superstars of Raw to the presence of the Champions of Female Partners?

How will retire Rey Mysterio?

Previous WWE Raw June 8, 2020

The Monday Night Messiah has used brutal tactics and persuasive to try to stimulate the retirement of a legend of the WWE, but Rey Mysterio responded with a clear statement: “Cursed are you, Seth Rollins “. Now the iconic superstar will appear on Monday Night Raw.

Rollins carried out an attack that is incomprehensible in the eye of Mysterio, using the steps of steel to put in danger the career of the legendary fighter, and the response of Mysterio and his son last week left more questions than answers. Dominik left a passionate message while pledging to Rollins ‘ eye for an eye”.

What Mysterio will be ready to answer the questions surrounding his retirement, and the animosity with Rollins will continue to increase?

The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders ready for the decathlon in the last chapter of the competition

Previous WWE Raw June 8, 2020

The Decathlon olympic traditionally help to crown the “Best athlete of the world” with tests of strength and speed in 10 events. Monday night, I could decipher who is the best team in the tag Raw, since the event will be the next step in the competition in course “anything you can do, we can do better” between The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders.

The teams are tied at two victories each after the competitions of basketball, throwing axes, golf, and bowling. Each team has been conspicuous in the various exhibitions of skills, but who can maintain excellence in 10 events stressful?

Bobby Lashley is heading to the VIP Room to reveal what happened after Raw last week

Previous WWE Raw June 8, 2020

The final image of Raw last week saw Drew McIntyre ambushed by his challenger WWE Backlash Bobby Lashley . With the Nelson full-enclosed, the WWE Universe was left wondering what happened with the Champion of the WWE.

All Mighty is ready to fill in the blanks, as Lashley joins the MVP in the VIP Lounge tonight on Raw.

What exactly happened when the red mark faded to black, and is a sign of things to come in WWE Backlash

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