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Before directing the latest film by 007, No time to diewas entrusted to Cary Fukunagathe director chosen to bring the James Bond from Daniel Craig was the Oscar winner Danny Boyle.

The filmmaker worked extensively on the development of what was to become the 25th feature film in the saga of 007but then, in August 2018, came, like the proverbial bolt from the blue, the news of the divorce between the director and the production that took place for the traditional “Creative differences”.

By March 2019, some details about this split had emerged, details according to which such divergences would have been stormy from the start. Also, Danny Boyle’s intention was to “Kill 007” making him die in the arms of Lea Seydoux. Even if James Bond actually dies in No time to die, the narrative solution chosen is quite different.

In a recent interview, the director of 28 days later And Trainspottingreturned to discuss the 007 movie he never directed explaining that:

I remember thinking “Should I really get involved with this franchise?”. Because, on balance, they didn’t really want something different. They want you to freshen it up, but without questioning it and we wanted to do something different. Oddly it would have ended up being very relevant today. it was all set in Russia which is where James Bond comes from, a product of the Cold War. It was set in today’s Russia and would connect with his origins. But then they lost faith in the project. Such a pity.

Find all the information on the latest 007 movie, No time to die, in our tab.

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