1/12 The most beautiful blue dresses in the history of cinema

Dąbrowska fields

Nostalgic shades of forget-me-nots. Passionate ultramarine and restrained arctic blue. Filmmakers and costume designers keep romancing with successive shades of blue. Using color of varying saturation, they tell stories of old loves, betrayals and unbreakable sisterly ties. From the cobalt slip dress of Elvira Hancock from “The Man with the Scar” to the navy blue velvet dress of the heroine of “Titanic” – we remind you of the most beautiful blue dresses in the history of cinema.

1/ 12“Cinderella” (2015), dir. Kenneth Branagh

For over 70 years, the Fairy Godmother (Walt Disney’s animated film was released in 1950) has been transforming subsequent generations of Cinderella movies into princesses in blue crinolines and glass shoes hidden under layers of frills. In one of the latest versions of the fairy tale, directed by Kenneth Branagh, a dress in dyed blue shades is worn by Lily James. A team of 20 tailors worked on its creation under the supervision of the Oscar-winning costume designer Sandy Powell. The skirt consisted of 12 layers of silk and yumissima fabric (a material light enough to float in the air like thick smoke) in shades of blue, turquoise and lavender. The last coating was covered with over 111 thousand. Swarovski crystals.

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