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Forrest Gump, Joker, The devil wears Pradamovies to watch and watch again, with outstanding performances and of which we would never get tired, yet there are actors who have always refused to see their own films and, reading their names (Tom Hanks, Joaquin Phoenix, Meryl Streep), it is effective to think of which ones great masterpieces of cinema, once made, were not then appreciated by those who gave it a shape, putting their soul and body into it. Total self-denial towards one’s role, empathy with the character played, commitment, stress, there are many reasons that lead the great movie stars to have a conflictual relationship with the characters assigned to them.

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Among those who do not want to give in to subjectivitythose who they can’t see each other on a screen and who simply prefer to continue ad to move onthere are several statements coming directly from our favorite actors, who tend to favor the moment of making a film, rather than its final result; with a roundup of talents from the big screen, which starts from the protagonist de Sophie’s choicelet’s discover together the list of 10 actors who refused to see their films and continue to keep them at arm’s length.

1. Meryl Streep among the actors who refused to see their own films

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The 21 Oscar nominations are probably the clearest proof of the career of an actress who has never been satisfied with anything and continues to show, for about 50 years, an extraordinary talent. The star of Kramer versus Kramer And Mamma Mia!, Meryl Streepis included in the list of 10 Actors Who Refused To See Their Own Movies and precisely he declares: “I don’t do it, I simply go on”. This is not surprising since it already seems unimaginable to be able to find the time to give life to that infinity of unique and unforgettable characters.

2. Tom Hanks among the actors who refused to see their own films

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Tom Hanksfor which a similar argument could undoubtedly be made, goes too far defining a mistake to go back on the work done and in speaking of his films he says “I think it’s terrible see them again.” The face of Cast away, Philadelphia And The Terminal he is also in the list of 10 actors who refused to see their films and doesn’t see anything constructive in theattend your own screeningargues that “in a sense you only learn what not to do, but you don’t learn what to do“.

3. Joaquin Phoenix among the actors who refused to see their own films

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Who with his Joker (2019) conquered audiences and critics, no more than 3 years ago, it is Joaquin Phoenixwho admits that he has only reviewed two of the feature films in which he took part: She by Spike Jonze e The master from Paul Thomas Anderson. “I can’t get used to the practice of going to movies that I’m in too,” admits the winner of theOscars 2020.

4. Julianne Moore

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Then there is who, how Julianne Moore (The Big Lebowski, Still Alice, The Hours), in addition to paying homage to the public with extraordinary and exciting rehearsals, she prefers to rehearse herself the thrill of participationof the total immersion in the workmore than the mere and simple observation and, in this regard, he declared: “I can’t sit down to attend a premiere. I don’t do that with any of my films. I like to participate in the film rather than seeing the finished product, this is my great emotion”.

5. Jared Leto

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Between 10 Actors Who Refused To See Their Own Movies there is also Jared Leto. The beloved actor and songwriter who will soon play the fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld in a biopic of which very little is known yet, he makes a speech related to theaspect of subjectivityarguing that taking part in a film is part of his creative processlead to behaving in a certain way towards a finished film ready for the screen: “When you yourself become a spectator, it is then that the film becomes subjective. I think that in looking at one’s work, one may be too aware of the various moments that gave rise to it”.

6. Angelina Jolie

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Even the beautiful Angelina Jolie will soon be in the cinema with the new signed biopic Pablo Larrain. There Lara Croft from tomb Raider will interpret Maria Callas in the next feature film by a director who has already revived great female characters, such as Jacqueline Kennedy (Jackiewith Natalie Portman) and, more recently, Lady Diana (Spencerwith Kristen Stewart). However, the actress, in all likelihood, will not enjoy the finished product since, even as a director, she says: “I prefer the film making process rather than the subsequent moment of watching them”.

7. Johnny Depp

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“I stay as far away from the films I’m in as possible after my work is done. I hate seeing myself again and for some time now I have chosen to immediately move on to the next role, every time I finish shooting ”. This is what it claims Johnny Deppone of the most diverse and popular actors in all of Hollywood and another of the 10 Actors Who Refused To See Their Own Movies. The Bizarre Hero of Pirates of the Caribbean he then spoke of the aspect he despises most of his habit: “The great regret is losing the work done by my colleagues, by my friends, but I think seeing them again would only hurt me

8. Nicole Kidman

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Another great cinema diva who has always refused to be a spectator to the films that see her portrayed on the screen is Nicole Kidmanwinner of Oscar Prize in 2003, for The Hours from Stephen Daldry. The Honolulu native never sees her movies again and even after the premiere of Australia from Baz Luhrmanndisappointed with her performance, decided to cancel all scheduled interviews.

9. Javier Bardem

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Would you rewatch movies like It’s no country for old men or Vicky Cristina Barcelona? The interpreter who was able to surprise us with these and other high-calibre proofs, Javier Bardemhe would say no, finding himself in great difficulty faced with the possibility of hear your own voice you hate see your face from the outside, and therefore he too is among the 10 Actors Who Refused To See Their Own Movies: “I can’t even look at that nose, see those ridiculous eyes. I can not stand it. But when I act I don’t see myself, I don’t feel myself; it is as if there is something that goes beyond, much stronger than me, which I always feel the need to express”.

10. Al Pacino

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The crystalline talent of the protagonist of Scent of a Woman – Perfume of a woman, Scarface And The Godfather is also included in the list of 10 Actors Who Refused To See Their Own Movies and argues that there is no need. Al Pacinoin a sentence that could stand on a par with the most famous quotes of the characters he himself played, declares “I’ve seen it and by now I already know what it is about”.

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