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Which DVDs and boxes to give for Christmas? December is rich, indeed very rich in anniversaries and celebrations, the perfect time to return to loving a film with a series of often unpublished bonuses, not only special contents, but gadgets of all kinds. He knows it well Tom Cruisewhich is master of the box office and this year with Mavericks has grossed more than any other film of his career (and there are many). That’s why the arrival of the Top Gun – super fan editionfor example, literally transports the audience to seventh heaven, between adrenaline and romance.

From classics like Ghostbusters And Beetlejuicedusted off and polished for the occasion, to timeless myths such as the heroes of overseas comics (see the Justice League) and the tricolor anti-heroes (like Diabolik): we go from myths and legends to intimate stories of poignant everyday life, such as Secret love, After And Don’t worry darlings with Harry Styles.

The spectrum of emotions at stake is vast and close at hand, in a spectacular foray through the history of cinema, between the near and distant past. So here are the ten cult titles of the holidays.

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