10 facts about Ariana Grande’s life

Ariana Grande is turning 29 this Sunday (Reproduction/Instagram/@arianagrande)

Born in Florida, United States, Ariana Grande is a powerful artist in the pop music universe. Collecting numerous achievements, the international singer has a career admired by musicians who are just starting out and also by those who have been on the road for a long time. To celebrate the 29th birthday, this Sunday (26), the Read Now selected ten curiosities about the personal and artistic trajectory of Adriana Grande.

1 – Ariana Grande made her entertainment debut in 2008, on Broadway, in the show 13. She played the character Charlotte;

2 – Long before gaining the spotlight as a pop artist, Ariana shone as an actress in Nickelodeon productions;

3 – Ariana’s music career began to take hold on the Victorious series. At the time, the American was successful with the character Cat;

4 – Ariana Grande’s name was inspired by Princess Oriana, from the cartoon Felix the Cat;

5 – Fan of horror films, the singer declared that she loves Freddy Krueger, main character of the saga A Nightmare on Elm Street;

6 – In 2017, an Ariana Grande concert was attacked. A man exploded a bomb and killed 22 people in Manchester, England. About 120 people were injured;

7 – Ariana Grande is one of the most followed celebrities on Instagram, with 319 million followers;

8 – Because of her timbre, Ariana has been nicknamed the ‘new Mariah Carey’;

9 – Ariana Grande has won two Grammy Awards;

10 – Ariana has six albums under her belt.

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