10 famous women who won the fight against this cancer

In recent days, the media around the world has been electrified by the information that the 19-year-old star of the Netflix series “Ania, not Anna” – Miranda McKeon has breast cancer.

The actress, who plays the role of one of the friends of the cult “Anne of Green Gables” in June 2021, while on vacation at a summer cottage, accidentally sensed a lump under her breast. Fortunately, she did not ignore this symptom and went to the doctor. The research confirmed that the cancer is already in the third stage and that she has metastasized to the lymph nodes.


The 19-year-old actress was diagnosed with breast cancer

Chemotherapy turned out to be indispensable, which led to the fact that Miranda KcKeon she started losing her hair. Before the fourth “chemo” she decided to shave herself bald and get rid of the remnants of the once lush blonde hair.

Although cases of breast cancer in people so young (under the age of 20) occur only once in a million, unfortunately they can be as dangerous as in more mature patients, so it is worth regularly performing breast self-examination and consulting every disturbing change that you notice. groping breasts.


Breast cancer – a disease that does not bypass the well-known and liked forms

Fame, prestige and money make no difference when it comes to breast cancer. This cancer can attack anyone regardless of their position in society.

Women who managed to overcome this deadly disease or prevent the development of this cancer through prophylactic mastectomy are well aware of this. Such a step was decided by, among others Angelina Jolie is genetically burdened with mutations that threaten breast cancer. The closest people from her family died of this cancer – only 56-year-old mother Marcheline Bertrand, as well as grandmother and aunt (mother’s sister). And who managed to overcome this cruel disease?

Superwomen fighting bravely against breast cancer

Among the famous and admired figures around the world, there is no shortage of women who have won the difficult battle against breast cancer and encourage everyone to have regular checkups that can detect disturbing changes at an early stage, when the chances of complete recovery are the greatest.

One of the first women to publicly announce they had breast cancer was Shirley Temple Black. The star of children’s cinema already in 1972 underwent a mastectomy. However, this disease began to be widely talked about only after the case Nancy Reagan, the wife of a former US president. After it, the cancer was dared by, among others, such stars as Katy Bates if Sharon Osbourne. Unfortunately, the age of people diagnosed with breast cancer is steadily decreasing.

10 female artists who won with breast cancer or are still fighting for their health

Shannen Doherty
The actress who plays the role of Brenda Walsh in the cult series “Beverly Hills 90210” has been struggling with breast cancer since 2015. The cancer developed into stage IV and a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation were necessary. The star shared how he fights with the disease on Instagram and has repeatedly proved how difficult it is to deal with everyday life for people who have breast cancer.

Cynthia Nixon

Her role as Miranda in the series “Sex in the Big City” brought fame, but she got the most support from fans when she revealed that she had been fighting breast cancer since 2002. Due to illness and the necessary chemotherapy, she began to lose her hair. With her head shaved bald, she even appeared on Broadway as a character struggling with this cancer.

Kyle Minogue

The singer never hid that breast cancer, diagnosed at the age of only 36, shattered her dream of motherhood and having a child. Fortunately, the singer overcame an illness which caused her to give up her musical career for a while.

Brygitte Bardot

One of the icons of French cinema fell ill with breast cancer in 1984, when she was 49 years old. The disease made her withdraw from public life, and the support of beloved animals gave her the strength to overcome the cancer and recover. To this day, the actress and model actively supports activities to improve the fate of pets.

Miranda McKeon

The 19-year-old actress starring in the latest adaptation of “Anne of Green Gables” shocked the world with a photograph with a shaved bald head. The young star had to undergo chemotherapy for breast cancer that caused her lymph node metastases.

Jane Fonda

She hid the bandages after the mastectomy under the elegant dresses in which she appeared on the red carpet. She had faced cancer twice – first breast cancer and then skin cancer, which had caused a malignant growth around her mouth.
The 85-year-old actress and women’s rights activist also suffers from osteoporosis, but despite the passage of time, she continues to be energetic and encourages others to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Dorota Gardias

A 41-year-old weatherman recently found out she had breast cancer. The tumor turned out to be malignant and the tumor began to grow, so the presenter decided to excise it. The surgery took place at the end of September. Now the presenter needs to undergo rehabilitation.

Irena Santor

The singer was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000, when she was 66 years old. Since then, “I made a decision that I would do anything to get better. And it worked, ”said the artist in 2019, in an interview for the Wprost weekly. The singer, born in 1934, is now calmly looking forward to her next birthday and encourages regular mammography tests.

Angelina Jolie

It was she who made prophylactic mastectomy popular among people with genetically hereditary mutations that increase the risk of breast cancer. The actress, who is herself a mother of six children (three of her own and three adopted), lost her closest family members to this cancer – mother, grandmother and aunt. So she decided to have her breast removed and reconstructed, although she was completely healthy and had no neoplastic changes yet.

Christina Applegate

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