10 great but little-known Android apps we recommend you try

Discover 10 hidden Android gems that are more useful than you think

10 great but little-known Android apps we recommend you try
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Even though the Google Play Store is full of Various types of apps, both free and paidusually we always use the same ones, usually the most popular ones from Google store or other stores We are recommended by people in our closest circles, such as our friends and family.

This caused us to stop trying some free apps They’re not as popular as others, but they’re definitely worth itbecause they are very useful in our daily life.

To avoid this happening to you, today we bring you A dozen free Android apps you shouldn’t ignore.

Hermit — Lite application browser

The first free Android app we encourage you to try is Hermit, a complete web browser that stands out primarily by allowing you Create a web app on your smartphone’s home screen.

With the click of a button, Hermit turns any web page into an app you can use Thoroughly configured and customized with your own icons Make its design similar to other apps on your device.

Google Play | Hermit — Lite App Browser

Check it out

Spotube is one of the best alternatives to Spotify as this music streaming app allows you to access the entire catalog of the Swedish music platform No need to pay a penny or endure annoying ads.

Additionally, this open source application also has features available in Spotify such as Music discovery and lyrics synced in real timethere’s a feature that lets you create playlists with artificial intelligence and protect your privacy because No data will be sent to anyone you listen to.

Google Play | DotTube

Smallpdf – Create PDF, edit PDF

Smallpdf is a useful tool with which you will be able to Scan and save photos and documents to PDF, read, edit, comment and sign PDF filescombine multiple files into one PDF and rearrange their pages to your liking, follow a few simple steps to create a PDF gallery with your photos, Convert PDF documents to Word files and vice versa And compress PDF documents, reducing their size by up to 75%.

Smallpdf is a completely free app with no ads, but it has a range of In-app purchases range from €10.00 to €90.00.

Google Play | Smallpdf – Create PDF, Edit PDF

wide emitter

If you want to try an original and innovative app launcher, you must try Wide Launcher, a revolutionary launcher that allows you Magnify home screen to 3x and contains within it a very extensive catalog of various elements.

Additionally, the launcher comes with a range of features or mini-apps that you can use to personalize your mobile desktop Different wallpapers, frames, stickers, icons and more.

Google Play | Wide Launcher

Spark Mail: Intelligent Email

Spark Mail is an Android email app that supports The most popular email services such as Gmail, Outlook, iCloud or Hotmail This enables you to manage and organize your personal and professional emails in a more efficient way.

So, using Spark Mail you will be able to check emails from all your accounts from one place without having to change accounts, Keep your most important emails at the top of your inbox You can compose emails faster with the help of an artificial intelligence assistant integrated into the app.

Google Play | Spark Mail: Smart Mail

Mime Learn Programming/Coding

If one of your goals for 2024 is to start programming, we recommend trying Mimo, a practical application that allows you to learn different programming languages ​​from scratch at your own pace, e.g. JavaScript, Python, SQL, CSS or HTML.

Mimo is a free app that contains ads and in-app purchases, including €9.99 and €249.99 You can download it through the direct link to the Play Store that we provide you in the lines below.

Google Play | Mime Learn Programming/Coding

Fossil Gallery

If you’ve ever used Simple Gallery Pro, one of the open source apps from the Simple Mobile Tools project, which was recently acquired by the Israeli company ZippoApps, which has a habit of filling its apps with ads, so don’t worry, because I bring you another equally good free option.

This is Fossify Gallery, an Android gallery app based on the same code as Simple Gallery Pro, it has no ads and has some interesting features like Image editor, access blocking tool and metadata erasure system.

Fossify Gallery is a completely free app, but currently It is not available in Play Storeso if you want to download it, you have to do so via the project’s GitHub page or via the direct link to F-Droid we’ve provided below.

Download on F-Droid | Fossil Gallery

Video Editor- Video.Guru

There is no doubt that Video.Guru is one of the best video editors on YouTube because it is completely free and allows you Trim and split clips, add effects, transitions, music and text, and create your own watermark-free videos.

Video.Guru is a free app with ads, suitable for everyone Devices running Android 7.0 and above and has a range of in-app purchases From €2.99 to €13.99.

Google Play | Video Editor – Video.Guru

Blindstory – Download story

Blindstory is a fun free app that allows you to View Instagram Stories and photos without leaving a trace and easily download them to your device With a simple touch.

But Blindstory still goes one step further, as it has a feature called Story Magnet, which is responsible for Automatically capture and save your favorite influencers’ stories to your device before they are deleted.

Google Play | Blindstory – Download Story

Focused To-Dos: Pomodoros and Tasks

We rounded out this list of lesser-known Android apps with Focus To-Do: Pomodoro Technique and Tasks, a productivity tool that Combine task management with the Pomodoro Technique Helps you improve your focus and achieve your goals within set deadlines.

This free app is very easy to use as you just have to select the task you want to perform and it will start instantly A 25-minute timer will start so you can focus during this time. After 25 minutes, the app will send you a notification to Rest for 5 minutes This way you can continue working with a clearer mind.

Google Play | Focused To-Dos: Pomodoros and Tasks

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