10 Gucci Alessandro Michele looks that made history

Milan, 23 November 2022 – ” There are times when paths separate due to the different perspectives that each of us may have. Today an extraordinary journey ends for me, which lasted more than twenty years, within a company to which I have tirelessly dedicated all my love and my creative passion. In this long period, Gucci has been my home, my adopted family. To this extended family, to all the single people who have cared for and supported it, go my heartfelt thanks, my a bigger and moving embrace. Together with them I have desired, dreamed, imagined. Without them none of what I have built would have been possible. To them therefore my most sincere wish: may you continue to feed on your dreams, subtle matter and impalpable that makes a life worth living. May you continue to feed on poetic and inclusive imagery, remaining faithful to your values. May you always live on your passions, susp drawn by the wind of freedom ”declares with an open heart Alessandro Michele in the press release issued by Kering which confirms his withdrawal.

Alessandro Michele leaves Gucci, but Gucci will never leave Alessandro Michele. In just over seven years he has created a movement, defined an aesthetic, formed a community. To tell his guccification an article would never be enough, perhaps a volume book, or better still, an epoch-making exhibition (which we hope to see soon). In this gallery we tell you, with affection and esteem, just #10 key-moments-shows: from Fall Winter 2016, the season in which we wanted EVERYTHING and that retro-vintage-romantic-70s look became synonymous with Gucci, to the takeover of Westminster Abbey, on 2 June 2016, for Cruise 2017, the afternoon in which we understood that Lallo, from Gucci, would leave his mark.

Alessandro Michele is the designer-star of the 2010s. His most iconic creations will end up on the history of costume pages, in museum archives, in the most exclusive vintage boutiques in 10-20 years. Hold on to your GG Marmont, keep your Princetown slippers carefully and, if you can, go out and buy a dress from his latest collection Alessandro Michele for Gucci.

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Gucci Fall Winter 2016 2017

The time when... he threw that grandma style from the nuances of the Seventies, enlivened by ruffles, pussy bows, large eyeglasses/sunglasses, veils, bijoux and Mary Janes. Debuted with multiple It-bags, exploring the maison’s archives: the planetary diffusion of GG Marmont handbags in all colours, materials and sizes is unforgettable.

The time when... got the keys to Westminster Abbey, invited the creme de la creme – there was Soko, ASAP Rocky, Charlotte Casiraghi, Elle Fanning, Salma Hayek… – and she staged an epic show to say the least. Those hand-embroidered emerald velvet cushions, for every single guest, depicting the new ones leitmotif of the Maison such as the snake, the bee, the flowers, the black panther… they are a piece of fashion history.

The time when... among the among the Renaissance frescoes of Palazzo Pitti in Florence asked the fashion world to Guccify Yourself. On the catwalk, a collection inspired by the Renaissance, but à la Alessandro Michele, injected with rock ‘n’ roll: 115 garments, summer, winter, a-seasonal, which mixed classic references, such as tiaras of silver laurels and golden garlands, to exotic elements like leopard-print turbans and glittery nerdy goggles.


Gucci Spring Summer 2018

The time when... paid homage to the eighties video game culture and re-edited the iconic SEGA logo with that of GUCCY. The Y that replaces the I is part of guccification in progress.


Gucci Fall Winter 2018 2019

The time when... he had men & women parade in a single show and transformed the location of the show into an operating room with a bed in the centre, surgical lamps pointed above it, hospital-green walls and white, aseptic waiting chairs for guests. He had some models walk the runway with their heads reproduced under their arms like a pouch. And others with pet alternatives: a baby dragon, a coral serpent and a crested chameleon. To make people reflect on the role of fashion and on “the profession of the designer who cuts, sews and reconstructs materials and fabrics to create a new personality and identity”.


Gucci Fall Winter 2020 2021

The time when... organized the most intimate fashion show ever: the invitation was a vocal note from him and the center of the show was the backstage itself: where tailors, make-up artists and hairstylists, the façonnier de Rêves – the makers of dreams, as the designer likes to call them – they work to perfect every detail before the show, the fashion show. In the show, many references to the world of cinema.

The time when... on the night of November 2, 2021, it took over Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles for a fashion show i know glamorous, so Old Hollywood, which celebrated the beauty, the dream, the post-pandemic rebirth. Also on the catwalk were Maculay Culkin and Jared Leto and among the special guests Gwyneth Paltrow, the Måneskin, Lizzo and Miley Cyrus, Dakota Johnson and Billie Eilish.
Furthermore, as part of the GucciChangemakers program, the house made a substantial contribution to the communities of Los Angeles and Hollywood with a donation aimed at supporting the city’s critical needs: homelessness and mental health.

The time when... to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the brand, he carried out a hacking experiment at Balenciaga, plundered the seductive tension of Tom Ford, celebrated the equestrian world of Gucci, transfiguring it into a fetish cosmogony; sublimated the silhouette of Marilyn Monroe and the glamor of old Hollywood; tampered with the discreet charm of the bourgeoisie and the codes of men’s tailoring. Between the lines of the press release of the Gucci Aria collection, his intent and homage: “on this anniversary, I therefore want to honor my filial bond by betraying the legacy that has been handed to me. Because it is only in the evolving capacity that the promise of an interminable birth.


Gucci Twinsburg Spring Summer 2023

The time when... made a casting of 68 pairs of monozygotic twin models. First they paraded individually separated by a wall, then the wall rose and they paraded together, hand in hand and in perfect symmetry along a metal catwalk. A powerful show that focused the spotlight on the concept of individualism, couples and copies of the fashion system, and which followed the campaign inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s films, including the frame of the twins from The Shining and his appearance at the MET alongside his “twin” Jared Leto.

The time when... on 16 May 2022, on a night of total lunar eclipse, coinciding with the Full Moon of Flowers, he showed his sexiest collection EVER at Castel del Monte in Puglia, including naked dresses and cuissardes well above the knee, collars with a medieval flavor, iridescent pearls, studded chockers and fetish details between the sacred and the profane.
Last curiosity
: for all guests at the show, Gucci has adopted a star in their name.

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