10 Reasons We Need A White Chicks Sequel

The climate of comedy was once much better suited to the crude and outrageous comedic talents of the Wayans brothers. Among them, Marlon and Shawn Wayans were particularly popular for their antics together, and one film, in particular, earned them a cult following for exactly that. White Chicks was an irreverent comedy where they had to hide as two rich, spoiled white girls – an obviously fun premise from the start, given that it’s about a pair of tall, burly African-American men. .

While the movie was unabashedly rude and even overtly offensive, that never stopped it from being a hit. In fact, it was exactly this kind of subversive humor that audiences loved the most because it subverted convention and parodied racial and gender stereotypes, while also playing them off. At the time, it felt like comedic films were much less inhibited, and it’s not hard to see why, given the specter of cancel culture that hangs in the air and films of eggshells must now be carefully tracked to stay clear of its radar.

Although a White Chicks 2 movie has been on the cards for years, it never materialized and it’s unlikely such a movie could survive the hyper-conscious standards of today’s PC culture. Considering the controversy the first film sparked, it’s understandable why Marlon and Shawn Wayans are hesitant to make a sequel. However, for audiences who loved the movie, there are still plenty of reasons to wonder why there should definitely be one anyway.

10 Success without hard feelings

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The recent and unexpected success of Jennifer Lawrence’s latest film, a sex comedy titled No Hard Feelings, seems to indicate that raunchy humor is making a comeback. The film was refreshing in a way since it clearly took a stand early on and let audiences know from the start that they weren’t going to hold back. This is significant, because in recent years many comedies, even for adults, have clearly done well.

Anyone who grew up loving raw movies like Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back couldn’t help but notice how toned down the humor was in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. While movies like Kevin Smith’s previous comedies wore their offending humor proudly, even previously fearless filmmakers like him seem to have deliberately toned down in the late 2010s. Bad Boys for Life was another example of a once-well-known franchise. beloved who saw his humor emasculated in the shadow of what he was in Bad Boys II – just ask Reggie!

However, what movies like No Hard Feelings seem to signal is that the movie world is slowly finding its way back to a place where comedy isn’t deliberately held back for obligatory, contrived nods to political correctness for avoid being deemed offensive and stalked by any of the myriad ways that culture can’t be stalked.

In that kind of atmosphere, White Chicks’ kind of deliberately provocative humor might thrive, as long as the sequel is as daring as the first, and isn’t afraid to deliver a comedic message that says, “It’s offensive, but funny, too. Take care of it! »

9 Marlon Gets It

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In a rare counterattack to the all-consuming norms of cancel culture, Marlon Wayans is one of the few major stars who hasn’t been afraid to publicly disagree with it. Although he faced a lot of backlash for his stance, so far it looks like he’s sticking to it.

However, by mixing offensive humor with its hilarious delivery, timing, and physical comedy aspects of Marlon’s comedy shows, it usually leaves its audience in stitches, and its fans love it for it. In fact, Marlon was so blunt about it, in an interview with BuzzFeed, that’s how he answered when asked if a movie like White Chicks could still thrive today.

“I don’t know what planet we are on, where you think people don’t need to laugh, and people need to be censored and cancelled. If a joke should make me cancel, thank you for doing me this favor. It’s sad that society is in this place where we can’t laugh anymore. I don’t listen to this fucking generation. I don’t listen to these people: These scared people, these scared executives. What do you want to do? Awesome. I will always tell my jokes the way I tell them.

8 Aging

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Marlon and Shawn Wayans are currently 51 and 52 respectively. They’ve both certainly taken great care of themselves, as they still look like they’ve barely aged a day since they were in their prime onscreen.

However, given that 19 years have now passed since the last film and a sequel has yet to be confirmed, it’s hard to imagine a sequel will still have the same sting if the brothers get older and older. more before it’s done.

Again, Bad Boys For Life was a prime example of how waiting too long can leave stars looking like shadows of the characters their audience loved in the first place. Of course, everyone has to get old and there’s nothing wrong with getting old, but there’s an argument to be made that there aren’t many people who want to see Marlon and Shawn try to bring White back. Chicks in their 60s or 60s.

7 The Perfect Tonic

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Given that Marlon Wayans has openly expressed his contempt for cancel culture, White Chicks 2 would be the perfect way to take a proper stand against it. Since No Hard Feelings has shown that such films still have more than enough willing viewers to make them a success, White Chicks 2 is in a unique position to build on that sentiment.

It can be risky to wait too long, because today’s world of how quickly a ‘trend’ can turn into a ‘passing trend’ means that the opportunity can become obsolete at any time.

6 The Movie Was A Hit

The culture of streaming has affected the world of cinema and caused seismic changes in the way the film industry works these days. However, no matter how many changes occur, the inescapable determining factor remains money. In this sense, the first film was a commercial success

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and has since amassed a huge cult following, so a sequel still makes financial sense.

Of course, given the changing mores of society and the time that has passed since the last film, it’s not entirely certain how a sequel might land. However, it’s a safe bet that the film’s cult popularity will boost it financially, no matter how many detractors a sequel may have.

5 We Miss Them

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For people who grew up in a time when movies like White Chicks were still popular, Marlon and Shawn Wayans are comedy icons. In fact, the entire Wayans family belongs to this generation. Since the days of In Living Color, the Wayans family have been synonymous with heartbreaking laughs and adored by comedy fans everywhere.

Films like the Scary Movie franchise, Little Man and Dance Flick are now iconic for fans of the brothers. However, it’s now been over a decade since we’ve seen the dynamic duo onscreen together in the kind of racy, yet hilarious comedy flicks their fans adore the most.

4 Terry Teams

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White Chicks had a ton of memorable scenes that made it hilarious. However, there was one character in particular who often stole the show. Terry Crews’ character, Latrell Spencer, was unforgettable. His antics throughout the film were so funny that they could make you drop into a painful laugh.

After getting to know his character in the first film, it almost seems sacrilegious that we may never see Latrell again. There’s probably not a fan of the first film who doesn’t want to see him do the robot on film one more time.

3 Take a leap

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There’s a flip side to the argument that the movie is too offensive, and it’s easy to see why some people might be against it. After all, he portrayed white women as brainless, dumb, spoiled, body obsessed, and people who secretly use the N-word when no one is around, and portrayed black women as jealous people, unsure of themselves and always ready to speak in the street. a fight, to name just a few of its outrageous tropes.

Considering all the gross, it’s easy to see why studio executives, and even the actors themselves, may consider it a risky venture. However, as the possible comeback of X-Rated comedy has shown, now might be a good time to take that risk. In light of the huge success of the first film, the nostalgia for the first film still very much with fans will likely ensure its success.

2 Possibilities

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While White Chicks 2 is just the working title that pops up whenever sequel rumors have swirled around, that doesn’t mean the movie has to necessarily replicate the entire premise. Sure, the characters of Marlon and Shawn as white women were hilarious and unforgettable, however, it was the premise itself that made it all work in the first place.

Now that the premise has proven to be successful, there’s virtually limitless potential to apply it in other ways as well. The brothers’ comedic flair and creativity are ultimately what drove the film’s concept, execution, and success, so it’s unclear how far that concept might stretch this time around.

1 They owe it to the fans

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Like many people who grew up in the White Chicks generation, the movie is iconic. Fans of the first movie have been waiting since 2004 and had to endure myriad rumors of a sequel that ultimately never materialized since then. Given fans’ passion and fervent hope that a sequel will be made, it’s easy to think that Sony Pictures and the Wayans Brothers owe those fans to make White Chicks 2 a reality for the love and the loyalty that fans showed to the first movie. over the years.

All fans are asking is, if it’s done, do it right, not a PC version that holds back or waters down the humor for fear of retaliation from cancel culture. Instead, most fans would probably prefer a loud and proud tribute to the first movie that politically correctness flips the bird in recognition of all the fans who still love movies like this.

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