10 shocking curiosities about MCU movies you may not have known about

the mask

A vast cinematic universe like that Marvel, currently made up of 28 films and 18 TV series – not counting the 13 feature films and as many shows coming in the next few years -, can only have gone through countless and potential castings, alternative storylines, easter eggs and so on. Think you know all about the Marvel Cinematic Universe? What if we told you that Robert Downey Jr. hasn’t worn the Iron Man costume since 2008? Is that Gal Gadot almost debuted in the MCU years before joining the DCEU? It’s hard to imagine how different the franchise would be if the opposite choices were made at every crossroads. Not to mention all the little secrets scattered throughout the 28 feature films released in recent years. We know well how punctual the Studios are in inserting small advances in post credits scenes, but what the credits have to offer is certainly not limited to this: look at the names that appeared in the credits of Iron Man 3 to understand what we are talking about. These and other unlikely details in our gallery today, from The Mask to Gal Gadot: 10 shocking curiosities about the MCU films you may not have known about.


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