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288 checks carried out: 83 out of order. 10 illegal structures and with contaminated waters closed: presence of bacteria and microbial loads beyond the limits of the law

On the inspection of 288 facilities, including water parks and swimming pools used for recreational purposes, 83 were found to be irregular, or 28%. And the balance of the checks carried out by the Nas carabinieri, who also ordered ten closure measures against as many aquatic recreational facilities and areas deemed abusive or due to serious criticisms deemed incompatible with the continuation of the recreational activity and with the attendance of users. .

In addition, 10 closure measures were ordered towards the same number of aquatic recreational facilities and areas due to serious problems considered incompatible with the continuation of the play activity and with the frequentation of users. Among these, in 4 episodes in the provinces of Messina, Viterbo and Latina, the Carabinieri dei Nas checks have ascertained the unsuitability of the water used in the swimming and leisure facilities, also detecting high contents of fecal coliforms and bacterial loads, such as to make the water dangerous for human health due to the potential risk of toxic infections.

Among the most important operations: in Catania, the lawyers responsible for two water parks, located in the province of Messina, were sanctioned, since, following sampling activities carried out on the supply water and in the pool, the unsuitability of the pools for recreational and recreational use was ascertained. due to the presence of bacteria and microbial loads beyond the limits permitted by law, detecting the presence of coliform bacteria, Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. In Naples, the intervention of the local Nas has made it possible to identify, in the area of ​​the metropolitan city of Naples, a swimming pool used for aquatic recreation which has been found to be completely illegal. The manager, although he had never communicated the start of its operation, allowed the entry of external users by requesting payment for access.

In Tuscany
the immediate closure of a water park was ordered of the province of Pisa as it does not have the procedures on self-control and risk assessment, both of which are essential to ensure the correct management, from a sanitary point of view, of all the functional elements of the swimming facilities. The overall value of the structure of 220,000 euros. Further closure measures affected 3 totally illegal swimming pools in the provinces of Naples, Reggio Calabria and Bari, attributable to private properties or accommodation facilities, arbitrarily used as recreational areas open to the public with paid admission, as well as 3 other structures affected by significant structural deficiencies and authorizations.

The violations also involved situations of non-compliance the legislation on safety in the workplace and prevention of the risks of use of the facilities by users, including measures to contain the epidemic spread of Covid-19, such as the absence of information signs for patrons and the lack of periodicals cleaning and sanitization. At the refreshment points inside the structures, over 250 kilograms of food were seized, intended for supply to customers, results that were expired and without traceability, as well as hygienic and structural deficiencies in the meal preparation environments, often remedied in confined spaces. , without the minimum requirements to ensure optimal operating and maintenance conditions.

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