10 things to know about Lizzo, the American popstar in turmoil


Three former tour dancers recently filed a lawsuit against American singer Melissa Viviane Jefferson, known as Lizzo, for sexual harassment and creating hostile working conditions through racial and religious harassment between 2021 and 2023.

Forced touching

The list of complaints is very detailed. The plaintiffs notably described at length an evening in a strip club in Amsterdam where certain dancers were allegedly pushed to touch naked women and men against their will.

weight problem

One detail was particularly surprising: the complainants denounce the singer’s comments to a dancer because of her weight. Then she allegedly scolded her about it and then fired her.


In a message on Instagram, Lizzo denies everything, indicating that these accusations are as false as they are implausible and so outrageous that she feels forced to react to them, not wanting to be neither the victim nor the villain of the story. .


The statements of the plaintiffs were supported and corroborated by former collaborators, including a director who was filming a documentary on the artist and preferred to end it by seeing his behavior behind the scenes.


Lizzo’s year has been pretty positive so far. The tour of his latest album “The Special Tour”, which took place in Antwerp in February, ended in Japan at the end of July and was sold out. The reviews were very positive.

guest star

Lizzo has become such a big figure in today’s pop that we’ve seen her make some high-profile cameos this year. She had the honor of appearing in The Simpsons, and also played a duchess from the Star Wars universe in The Mandalorian series.


Like many other popular artists, the singer recently launched her own brand, Yeety: underwear and other shapewear for women of all shapes and sizes.

extreme honor

A proud flautist, the artist had the privilege of being the first person to play on a collector’s item: an 1813 crystal flute that belonged to James Madison, the 4th President of the United States.

irony of fate

One of Lizzo’s hits, released in 2017, has largely contributed to its success. 7 times platinum, Grammy winner and holder of a longevity record in the top 50, his name is… Truth Hurts. Truth hurts. Ouch!

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