10 things to know about the protagonist of Persuasion

Dakota Johnson is working hard to prove her worth as a well-rounded and multifaceted artist. In 2022 she gave the audience a very sparkling version of the Austenian heroine Anne Elliot in Persuasion. Let’s discover together 10 curiosities about the eclectic Dakota Johnson.

From the July 15, 2022 the highly anticipated is available on Netflix Persuasiondirected by Carrie Cracknell and based on the novel of the same name by Jane Austen. The film has divided many audiences and critics and provides us with the right opportunity to take a closer look at the main interpreter of the work, an actress who is often wrongly underestimated: Dakota Johnson.
Sparkling blue eyes, long brown hair, sweet smile, the Hollywood star is working hard not to be associated solely with the cinematic phenomenon that made her famous all over the world: the trilogy that began in 2015 with the film Fifty Shades of Gray (2015), inspired by the literary saga of EL James.

Let’s find out together 10 curiosities about Dakota Johnson.

1. Dakota Johnson: Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson’s daughter of art


Dakota Johnson was born on October 4, 1989 in Austincapital of Texas. The parents are two famous Hollywood actors, very active between the seventies and nineties: Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson (Miami Vice). The maternal grandmother is instead the muse of Alfred Hitchcock, Tippi Hendren.
Griffith and Johnson meet in 1972, on the set of the film The Harrad Experiment. Tippi Hendren, one of the protagonists of the film, used to bring her young daughter to the set. It is there that Melanie sees 22-year-old Don Johnson for the first time and falls in love with him. However, their story was immediately talked about and considered scandalous by the tabloids: Melanie was in fact only 14 years old early in her relationship with Johnson. The couple, regardless of the gossip, moves in together almost immediately and then gets married in 1975. The marriage, however, lasts only 6 months, due to repeated betrayals by the Hollywood star. Yet, several years later, the two stars get closer, marrying a second time in 1989. From the union an only daughter is born, Dakota Johnson. Don and Melanie divorced again in 1994.

2. Dakota Johnson: many films in the career of the actress

Johnson Dakota

With a dynasty of Hollywood stars behind her, it is no surprise that Dakota has decided to follow in her mother’s and father’s footsteps, entering the world of entertainment at a very young age.
Johnson landed his first screen role in 1999, playing a small part in the film directed by Antonio Banderas Crazy in Alabama. Subsequently, the young woman chooses to concentrate on her studies and, at the same time, she starts working as a model: at the age of twelve she poses for Teen Voguesubsequently for Elle and, in 2009, becomes the face of the brand Mango.
In 2010 she resumed her acting career, getting a small part in The Social Network by David Fincher. In the following years he participated in other films, always in marginal roles, including: Beastly (2011), 21 Jump Street (2012), The Five-Year Engagement (2012) e Cymbeline (2014).
As we know, the real success comes in 2015, when Dakota gets the role of Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grayfirst chapter of the trilogy inspired by the saga of the writer EL James.

3. Not only Fifty Shades of Gray

Dakota Johnson: 10 things to know about the protagonist of Persuasion

Even if the participation in the film series inspired by the best sellers of EL James is the perfect opportunity for Dakota to make herself known all over the world, the actress is not exclusively dedicated to this project, proving to have a great talent, often underestimated. In those years she took part in other successful and critically acclaimed works, such as Black-Mass – The ultimate gangster And A Bigger Splashby Luca Guadagnino. In 2016 he entered the world of romantic comedies, obtaining the leading role in Single but not too muchwhile in 2018 it returns to be directed by Guadagnino in the horror thriller Suspiria, remake of the homonymous film by Dario Argento. In 2021 he enters the cast of the Oscar nominee The dark daughterdirected by Maggie Gyllenhaal and based on the novel of the same name by Elena Ferrante.
In 2022 he also demonstrates his familiarity in period films, playing a modern and sparkling version of the Austenian heroine Anne Elliott Persuasion.

4. Dakota Johnson’s stepfather? Antonio Banderas

Dakota Johnson: 10 things to know about the protagonist of Persuasion

After her romance with Don Johnson ended, Dakota’s mom, Melanie Griffith, married in 1996 with the Spanish actor Antonio Banderas. The two, before divorcing in 2015, had a daughter, Stella, born in 1996.
Banderas is highly esteemed for his acting skills all over the world, but the film that made him a cinema icon is the now cult The mask of Zorro (1998), in which he plays the light-hearted Alejandro Murrieta, heir to Don Diego de la Vega, alias Zorro (Anthony Hopkins).
Dakota on more than one occasion has spoken of the deep bond that unites her and her stepfather: “My stepfather Antonio Banderas came into our lives, he was so lively, so funny, so funny and his English was so abstract. For us he was absolutely fantastic. He loved my mom and my brothers and me so much, and so big and loud that he changed our lives forever. Antonio taught me the meaning of true passion and discipline”. An esteem and affection also reciprocated by the interpreter of Zorro, and which continues todayas the actor confided in an interview for People: “I was there because I loved their mother. And they were the most important part of what concerned her. And they understood this very quickly. So much so that they called me Paponio, a mix between Papa and Antonio. They are my family. Dakota, little Estella and Alexander”.

5. Dakota Johnson: Naturally blonde

When we think of Dakota Johnson it is impossible not to associate her with her long, flowing brown hair. However, not everyone knows that Melanie Griffith’s daughter is naturally blonde, just like her mom! We all agree though that brown brings out her gorgeous blue eyes even more.

6. Her best friend is Elvis Preasley’s niece

Even though Dakota Johnson has countless friends and acquaintances belonging to the glamorous world of Hollywood, there is one person she is particularly close to: Riley Keough, granddaughter of Elvis Presley. Dakota revealed that Riley has been best friends with her for many years now and the two are often photographed together.

7. Dakota Johnson: the past as a dancer

Dakota Johnson: 10 things to know about the protagonist of Persuasion

When Dakota Johnson got the part of Susy Benner in Suspiria, the director Luca Guadagnino had anticipated that, being the protagonist of the work a dancer, dance would play a fundamental role in the film. This challenge didn’t scare the young actress, on the contrary. Dakota has in fact practiced classical dance assiduously up to the age of 14so getting into the part was almost natural, albeit tiring.

8. Is Dakota Johnson Engaged? The private life of the actress


The star of Persuasion she dated singer Matthew Hitt until 2016. Since 2017 she has been romantically linked to the Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin.

9. Zodiac sign, height and sport

Dakota Johnson was born on October 4, 1989, under the astrological sign of Libra. She is about 1 meter and 70 centimeters tall. The star keeps fit by practicing a lot of physical activity, combining dance, yoga and kickboxing exercises.

10. The Instagram account as a tool to talk about current events and political battles


Dakota has an Instagram account that has nearly 5 million followers. The actress does not like to share her private life on her social networks, rather she prefers to use these tools to talk to people about topics that are important to them. In 2018 she collected stories and testimonies of women victims of violencewhile recently taking sides in favor of abortion rights in the United Statesalso reporting his thoughts in an interview with CNN: “No one should be forced to have a child, regardless of the circumstances. And no one should be forced to resort to unsafe methods of getting an abortion. I truly believe in reproductive freedom. I think it’s very important to change the narrative. It’s about normalizing the conversation about abortion. I think Hollywood can tell truer stories, more accurate stories about women, about being a woman in society, about being a mother in society.”

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