10 things you may not know about Julia Roberts

Here are some curious facts about her life and career that you probably don’t know about the actress who is affectionately called “America’s sweetheart”,

Since her iconic role in 1990 in “Pretty Woman” she has laid the foundations to inspire thousands of actresses who follow in her footsteps; however “America’s sweetheart” in her years, she has learned to choose her roles more carefully and keep her smile intact, despite the vicissitudes of her life, criticism and the intense pace of Hollywood.

Today, here’s some not-so-popular news about her that you might not know about! Enjoy the reading.

10 things you may not know about Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts at a film presentation

1- Stunts aren’t just for stunts

Much has been said of Julia’s eternal legs in the film that would launch her to fame, in the role of Vivian, a prostitute who would fall in love with Richard Gere, who leads her astray and saves her from all evils, as if it were a modern Cinderella.

However, the actress’s body was voiced by Shelley Michelle, who both in the shots and in the film’s graphics lent her body to bring the character to life.

2- Nicole KIdman dotted the ais

The actors of “The secret in their eyes” were fed up with the despotism with which Nicole treated them, but no one dared to reproach her. Nobody except Julia, of course. During a stressful day for everyone, Roberts accused Kidman of being rude and treating everyone as if they were her servants. “At least I know every worker’s name,” he added, in a scene that’s easy to imagine.

3- Steven Spielberg publicly stated that he would never work with her again

The film “Hook – Captain Hook” was one of the most unpleasant experiences of Spielberg’s career, and he swore he would never work with Julia again. “I wasn’t in a good time,” the actress tried to justify herself, alluding to the cancellation of her wedding to Kiefer Sutherland three days before the ceremony.

Julia was hurt, but years later she acknowledged that Steven Spielberg was right and that she had been acting like a spoiled and selfish person.

4- The most beautiful in the world

In April 2017, People chose her as the most beautiful woman in the world. This led to her breaking a record, as she is the only woman who has been awarded that honor five times.

5- She is currently the highest paid actress

In 2000, she became the highest-paid actress in the world, earning $20 million for her portrayal of Erin Brockovich.

6- Love and hate in Friends

After appearing on an episode of Friends as a childhood friend of Chandler, the actress had a brief relationship with Matthew Perry, whom she left for her personal trainer, leaving the actor heartbroken. This attitude has not been forgiven by Jennifer Aniston, who allegedly told Matthew: “I told you it wasn’t a good deal”.

7- He is a fan of Messi

She is a football fanatic and was invited to a match between Real Madrid and Barcelona last year, where she took the opportunity to take a photo with Lionel Messi, whom she admitted to admiring.

8- She didn’t dream of being an actress

In her teens Julia wanted to be a veterinarian but ended up studying journalism. Finally, her acting performance crossed paths with her.

9- Oscar Awards

The actress received four Academy Award nominations, two of which were for Best Supporting Actress (Steel Magnolias and August) and two more for Best Actress (Pretty Woman and Erin Brockovich). Precisely for this last film in 2000 she obtained recognition.

10- Strange tactic

When Julia met her now husband (Danny Moder), he was married and expecting a child. When Danny’s wife (named Vera) refused to grant him a divorce in exchange for a fortune, Julia made a homemade T-shirt of her that read “A low Vera.”

The pun with “aloe vera” and “bad Vera” worked after being photographed by the paparazzi just like Julia intended when she posed delighted in her custom t-shirt. Vera granted Danny a divorce and married Julia a few months later.

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