10 TV series coming out in autumn 2022 not to be missed

With the presence of the eternal Queen still in the air, despite the farewell of a few weeks ago, the highly anticipated fifth season of the TV series arrives The Crown. And not only. Autumn crackles with the debut in the world of the seriality of the imaginative Tim Burton, which of the Addams family chooses Wednesday as its protagonist. And then, from gothic to horror, here are the nightmares of Guillermo del Toroanother great cinema, in Cabinet of curiosities. For satire lovers, the upcoming event is the return of Boris and its cynical and bewildered characters.
Here are 10 upcoming TV series we don’t want to miss this fall.

Reverse – The Peripheral with Chloe Grace Moretz

New sci-fi thriller series, featuring Chloe Grace Moretz hero. She is Flynne Fisher, who with her Marine veteran brother (Jack Reynor) and his mother on her deathbed lives in a small town in the Blue Ridge Mountains in 2032. To round off she participates in simulations (“Sims”) with the avatar of his brother, competing in place of wealthy customers to pass the demanding tests of some games. When you need to be a beta tester for a new Sim, in London of 2099, finds himself having to steal valuable secret information from a company known as the Research Institute. But the Sim is more real than he could have imagined…
From Kilter Films by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, Reverse – The Peripheral is based on William Gibson’s novel of the same name.

From October 21st on Prime Video, with subsequent episodes available every Friday through December 9, 2022.

Reverse - The Peripheral

Credits: Prime Video / Sophie Mutevelian

Chloë Grace Moretz in the tv series “Inverso – The Peripheral”

Romulus II – The war for Rome

Before the myth, the birth of Rome in eight new episodes always signed Matthew Oakthe enlightened director of films Fast as the wind and The first king, founder of the Greenland production company. Like the first, also the second season of the series Romulus it was shot entirely in protolatin.
The protagonists Andrea Arcangeli (Yemos), Marianna Fontana (Ilia) and Francesco Di Napoli (Wiros) are added Valentina Belle as Ersilia, head of the Sabine priestesses; Emmanuel Maria DiStefano who plays the king of the Sabines Tito Tazio, son of the god Sancos, the most powerful enemy of Rome; Max Malatesta he is Sabos, adviser and right-hand man of the king of the Sabines; Ludovica Nasti plays the role of Vibia, the youngest of the Sabine priestesses; while Giancarlo Commare it is Atys, the young king of Satricum.

From October 21st exclusively on Sky and streaming on Now in eight episodes.

Cabinet of curiosities, in del Toro’s nightmares

Or The room of wonders Of Guillermo del Toro. Oscar-winning director de The shape of water – The shape of water has curated a collection of genre-defining stories that challenge the traditional idea of ​​horror. Eight stories that represent as many nightmares and range between macabre, magical, gothic, grotesque and disturbing (including two original scripts by del Toro), brought to life by a hand-picked team of writers and directors. Each story is presented by del Toro himself.

From October 25th on Netflix in eight episodes.

Cabinet of Curiosities

Credits: Ken Woroner/Netflix © 2022

Image from the TV series “Cabinet of curiosities”

Boris 4, twelve years later

It is great trepidation: René is about to return. And with him the tattered band of disenchanted TV.
After a hiatus in 2010 with the third season, by popular demand is about to return Boris, the funniest satirical and extravagant TV series of the Italian periodicity, which makes a mockery of behind-the-scenes television. They return to writing and directing James Ciarrapico and Luca Vendruscolowithout the late Mattia Torre.
By now the dying generalist TV – with its good doctors and lectures against drugs – is even more dying and even René (again played by Francesco Pannofino) and his friends now work for a Global Platform. The series that René has to shoot this time it is the Life of Jesusfrom an idea by Stanis La Rochelle (Peter Sermonti). And the promise is once again to make you laugh a lot.

From October 26th on Disney+ with all episodes.

This is going to hurt, Whishaw in a coat

Drama series directed by Lucy Forbes (among the directors of The end of the f***ing world), This is going to hurt is the adaptation of Adam Kay’s memoirs chronicling his life from specialist doctor. She plays him, in a fictionalized version, Ben Whishaw.
Set in the ward of obstetrics and gynecology, or “brats and twats” as it’s called, the now funny, now heartbreaking series uncovers the stark reality of Adam’s life on and off the ward: 97-hour weeks, life decisions or of death, a tsunami of bodily fluids. All for an hourly rate that struggles to compete with the hospital parking meter.

From October 26th on Disney+ in seven episodes.

This is going to hurt

Credits: Sister / Anika Molnar

Ben Whishaw in the TV series “This is going to hurt”

Dangerous liaisons, in 18th century Paris

Bold prequel to Laclos’ classic novel centered around the two iconic protagonists, the Marquise de Merteuil (played by Alice Englert) and the vicomte de Valmont (Nicholas Denton), and about the early years of their relationship, when they were passionate lovers in Paris on the eve of the revolution.
In the tv series Dangerous Liaisons let’s go back to the 18th century Ville Lumière to observe the youthful years of these two characters willing to use everything in their power to make their way in a world of seduction and deceptionand to get what they need to survive.

From November 6th on Lionsgate+.

The white Lotus 2, social satire in Taormina

The second chapter of the miniseries that triumphed at the Emmy Awards winning ten, he abandons the paradisiacal Hawaiian resort of the first season. Now the breathtaking beauties of Sicily are the background of the new episodes of The White Lotus, the HBO revelation of last summer. The location is a new exclusive Taormina resorts. Mike White’s signature social satire follows the experience of various guests and employees over the course of a week.
In the cast F. Murray Abraham, Jennifer Coolidge, Adam DiMarco, Beatrice Grannò, Meghann Fahy, Jon Gries, Tom Hollander, Sabrina Impacciatore, Michael Imperiali, Theo James, Aubrey Plaza, Haley Lu Richardson, Will Sharpe, Simona Tabasco and Leo Woodall.

From November 7th on Sky and streaming on Now in seven episodes, every Monday on Sky Atlantic with one episode a week.

The White Lotus 2

Credits: Sky/Fabio Lovino

Image from the tv series “The white Lotus 2”

The Crown 5, the first without the Queen

The highly anticipated fifth season of The Crownwhich comes after a delicate and important historical moment: the death of its protagonist, the Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.
The TV series created by Peter Morgan, with seven Golden Globes and eight Emmy Awards won, focuses on the 90s, opens on the 40th anniversary of the accession to the throne of the queen (after Claire Foy in the first two seasons and Olivia Colman in third and fourth, now interprets it Imelda Staunton), while new challenges such as the collapse of the Soviet Union are on the horizon. And others closer and more private shatter: Prince Charles (Dominic West) pushes his mother to agree to divorce Diana (Elizabeth Debicki), who then approaches Dodi Al Fayed (Khalid Abdallah)…

From November 9th on Netflix in ten episodes.

The Crown 5

Credits: Netflix / Alex Bailey

Imelda Staunton in the TV series “The Crown 5”

Wednesday, the debut of Tim Burton in seriality

It’s Tim Burton’s debut with TV series! Yellow with investigative and supernatural tones, Wednesdaycreated by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar (the creators of Smallville), traces the years of Wednesday Addamsthe eerie Addams Family girl, as a student at Nevermore Academy, describing her attempts to control her paranormal powers, thwart a monstrous series of murders terrorizing the local community, and solve the mystery involving her parents 25 years before… All while exploring the new and complicated relationships at Nevermore.
He interprets it Jenna Ortega. Catherine Zeta-Jones is Morticia Addams, Luis Guzmán the hubby Gomez.

From November 23rd on Netflix with eight episodes.


Credits: Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

Image from the TV series “Wednesday”

Willow, fantasy series from the film by Ron Howard

Willow is the new live action series of fantasy adventure from Lucasfilm and Imagine Entertainment, based on the 1988 film of the same name by Ron Howard.
The story began with an aspiring village wizard Nelwyn and a little girl destined to unite the kingdoms, who together helped to destroy an evil queen and banish the forces of darkness. Now, in a Magic world where brownies, sorcerers, trolls and other mystical creatures thrive, the adventure continues: an unlikely group of heroes set out on a perilous mission to places far from their home, where they must face their inner demons and band together to save their world.

From November 30th on Disney+.

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