10 TV series to be released in 2023 on Netflix, Prime Video, Apple+, Sky, Disney+

Fantasy at its final turning point, remakes that cross borders, true stories with a Golden Globe flavour, noir by filmmakers compared to seriality… And then great actors: Al Pacino, Vincent Cassel, Harrison Ford. From Copenhagen cowboys to Liaisonfrom Carnival Row 2 to You 4among the TV series that open 2023, here are 10 titles to put on your agenda.

Copenhagen cowboys

The wait is over. Written and directed by Danish Nicolas Winding Refnone of the most electric and innovative gazes of contemporary cinematography, already author of the films Drive, Only God forgives and The Neon Demonafter the preview at Venice Film Festival Copenhagen cowboys comes on stream.
Illuminated by neon lights, it is one noir series in six episodes centered on the enigmatic young heroine Miu (played by Angela Bundalovich) who, at the dawn of a new beginning after a life of servitude, traverses the disturbing world of Copenhagen’s criminal slums. Thirsting for justice and revenge, she meets her nemesis Rakel (Lola Corfixen) and together they embark on an odyssey through the natural and supernatural dimension. The past ends up transforming and defining their future, as the two young women discover they are not alone.

From January 5th on Netflix.

Hunters 2

The Amazon series on is back Nazi hunters of the Fourth Reich, in its second and final season. Come back Al Pacino as Meyer Offerman, a Jewish philanthropist who survived the holocaust.
After an accident derails their businesses in Europe, the Hunters must band together to hunt down the most notorious Nazi in history, Adolf Hitler, who is hiding in South America. Meanwhile, a look back reveals that Offerman encounters a dangerous threat that could expose his secret and reveal his true identity, with explosive reverberations for our Hunters.
In Hunters 2 next to Al Pacino here Jennifer Jason Leigh, Logan LermanJerrika Hinton, Lena Olin, Josh Radnor, Tiffany Boone, Carol Kane, Louis Ozawa, Kate Mulvany and Greg Austin.

From January 13th on Prime Video.

Hunters season 2

Credits: Amazon Studios

Al Pacino in Season 2 of ‘Hunters’

George & Tammy

TV mini-series about two American country music legends, Tammy Wynetteknown as the First Lady of Country Music (her best-known song Stand by Your Man is such a hit) e George Jones, who made up country’s first power couple. They had a tumultuous relationship, one of love and heartache. They interpret them Jessica Chastain and Michael Shannon (for her application to the Golden Globes for Best Actress in a Miniseries).
Composed by six episodes, George & Tammy was created by Abe Sylvia and directed by John Hillcoat, the Australian director of the films The proposal and The Road.

From January 19th on Paramount+.

Call my agent – ​​Italy

Sky Original series produced by Sky Studios and Palomar, Call my agent – ​​Italy and the Italian remake of the French hit series Dix pour cent. Written by Lisa Nur Sultan and directed by Luca Ribuoli, it is composed by six episodeswith two episodes a week every Friday on Sky Serie (also available on demand).
Call my agent – Italy moves behind the scenes of Italian showbusiness, from the point of view of those involved in managing the careers – and lives – of the actors, the agents. Managers, friends, confidants and psychologists: a good agent is all of this and more. And those of the CMA (Claudio Maiorana Agency) in Rome, each with their own style, are the best. Between hectic days and social nights, it is their private life that loses out, all grappling with tragicomic problems to be solved, in an escalation of conflicts.
In the shoes of the agents there are Michele Di Mauro, Sara Drago, Maurizio Lastrico and Marzia Ubaldi. Among the guest stars: Paola Cortellesi, Paolo Sorrentino, Pierfrancesco Favino and Anna Ferzetti, Matilda De Angelis, Stefano Accorsi and Corrado Guzzanti.

From 20 th January on Sky and streaming on NOW.


Credits: Apple

Jason Segel and Harrison Ford in the TV series “Shrinking”


New ten-episode comedy series, Shrinking follows the story of a grieving therapist (played by Jason Segel) who begins to break the rules by telling his clients exactly what he thinks, thus ignoring his training and ethics and finding himself causing tumultuous changes in people’s lives… including his own.
Alongside Segel, in the cast Harrison Ford, Jessica WilliamsLukita Maxwel, Luke Tennie, Michael Urie and Christa Miller.
It is written by the co-creator of Ted Lasso and Emmy Award-winning Bill Lawrence, from the star, writer and executive producer of Ted Lasso Brett Goldstein and by Segel himself.

From January 27th on Apple TV+.


Credits: Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

Penn Badgley in the TV series “You”, fourth season

You 4

New characters and a new identity for the protagonist Joe (always played by Penn Badgley), apparently shy and awkward bookseller from New York, in reality stalker and serial killer who falls in love with and becomes obsessed with a different woman every season.
Consisting of ten episodes, the fourth season of the American psychological thriller series You it has double release, in two distinct parts.

From February 9th on Netflix the first part (episodes 401-405); from March 9th the second part (episodes 406-410).

Carnival Row 2

Credits: Amazon Studios

Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne in the second season of ‘Carnival Row’

Carnival Row 2

Second and final season for Carnival Rowthe original fantasy-drama series from Amazon Studios and Legendary Television with Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne.
In a fantasy world where humans and creatures collide, former Inspector Rycroft Philostrate aka Philo (Bloom) is engaged in an investigation into a series of gruesome murders that fuel social tensions. Vignette Stonemoss (Delevingne) and the Black Ravens plot revenge for the unjust oppression inflicted by the human leaders of The Burgue, Jonah Breakspear (Arty Froushan) and Sophie Longerbane (Caroline Ford). Tourmaline (Karla Crome) inherits supernatural powers that affect her fate and the future of The Row. And, after escaping The Burgue and her vengeful brother Ezra (Andrew Gower), Imogen Spurnrose (Tamzin Merchant) and her partner Agreus Astrayon (David Gyasi) must face a radical new society that upends their plans. With humans and fairies divided and freedom at stake, each hero will face impossible dilemmas and tests they will temper.

From February 17th on Prime Video.


French charm. Vincent Cassel and Eva Green together in the Apple Original TV series Liaisonin French and English, composed by six episodes. High-voltage contemporary thriller, investigates how the mistakes of the past have the potential to destroy the future.
The series combines action with an unexpected plot that develops on multiple levels, in which espionage and political intrigue stand in the way of a long and passionate love story.
It is directed by the Australian Stephen Hopkinsformer director of the film Race – The color of victory and the first two seasons of Californication.

From February 24th on Apple TV+.


Credits: Apple

Vincent Cassel and Eva Green in the TV series “Liaison”

The Mandalorian 3

In its third season, the live action TV series set in the universe of Star Warscreated by Jon Favreau and produced by Lucasfilm.
The Mandalorian, bounty hunter gunslinger always played by Pedro Pascaland “Baby Yoda” Grogu reunite and continue their journey, battling enemies and gathering allies as they make their way through a dangerous galaxy in the tumultuous era following the collapse of the Galactic Empire.

From March 1st on Disney+.

Darkness and bones

Credits: Dávid Lukács/Netflix © 2022

Ben Barnes in “Darkness and Bones” season 2

Darkness and Bones 2

The Grishaverse taken from the fantasy books by the American Leigh Bardugo is back in which science and magic collide.
The young orphan Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li) is on the run. An icon of hope that some suspect of treachery, she is determined to defeat the Shadow Fault and save the kingdom of Ravka from ruin, but the dark and handsome general Kirigan (Ben Barnes) has returned, more dangerous than ever, to finish what he started, backed by a terrifying new army of seemingly indestructible monsters of darkness and fearsome Grisha recruits.

From March 16th on Netflix.

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