10 WhatsApp Features You Should Use in 2024

WhatsApp It constantly updates its application to provide users with the necessary tools for easy and enjoyable communication with their contacts.Last year, I applied for Target Several very useful features have been introduced.

exist Tekbit We’re tallying them up so you can make the most of them in 2024.

Apply this trick on WhatsApp to avoid spam calls from possible cybercriminals. Photo: Pixabay

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one of the main purposes WhatsApp Just give it to them privacy Required by the user.Now you can send voice message Send messages to your contacts and they will only be heard once and then disappear.

In order to maintain WhatsApp security, there is another way to verify your identity.this is about master keythey will send you SMS code.

If you want to know about daily events or want to stay in close communication with your idols, you can join WhatsApp channel.

WhatsApps announces new channels feature

To separate your work and personal conversations, you can now WhatsApp from the same phone. You only need two SIM cards to achieve this.

Your photos will no longer lose quality.You can now send HD images.

There’s nothing better than sharing everyday moments with your loved ones in real time.Since last year you can send video message to your contact.Just press and hold the voice message icon until it changes to camera and press it to start recording your Video message.

If they contact you Call WhatsApp of unknown numberyou can now block them.

Just add an asterisk for the correct information Where are you wrong.Now if you hold down the message you can select edit

to modify it. It can be used in individual and group chats. do you want bigger privacy At yourWhatsApp Chat ?You can now protect certain conversations by adding Face or fingerprint lock This way you can only access those dialogue


How to prevent them from seeing your WhatsApp chats WhatsApp now allowed Log in your account has the most four different devices

At the same time, there is no need to log out of any of them. This way you can always stay connected. Also read:

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