10 zombie TV shows to watch before ‘The Last of Us’

What are the 10 zombie TV series to watch before “The Last of Us” from the HBO?

The zombie genre is definitely in fashion. From the White Zombie Of Victor Halperin by 1932 (the first zombie feature film) a new generation of horror had appeared on the big screen. The image of zombies and their kind differed from everything familiar to viewers.

The breakthrough came with George A. Romero who gave birth to the modern zombie genre with his 1968 classic Night of the Living Dead. The film became a huge success and had five sequels, the model for every zombie film since.

Debuted on HBO extension and simultaneously on Sky , The Last of Us, television adaptation of the famous video game, marked some interesting news on the subject, but it certainly refers to the modus operandi of many famous apocalyptic ‘zombesque’ series. Let’s see some of the best known produced in recent years.

TV series and Zombies

The Walking Dead’ (2010-2022)

The modern age of zombies began with Night of the Living Dead, but The Walking Dead Of AMC extension blew up the genre. The serial was created dto Frank Darabont.

The series follows a group of survivors, led by ex-sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) who fight to stay alive in a world where the undead have overrun it.

The Walking Dead has since launched a series of spin-offs .The Walking Dead is the most popular zombie series of all time. On Disney+ and NOW.

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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ (2015-)
One of the first spin-offs for the franchise The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead it’s sort of a prequel. The serial follows a school guidance counselor Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) and his family at the onset of the zombie apocalypse as shown in The Walking Dead.

First success of AMC extension on the genre the serial has created a similar cinematic universe to the MCU. Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead have seen various members cross over into each other, further cementing the genre’s leadership The Walking Dead. On Prime Videos.

‘Z Nation’ (2014-2018)

The Science Fiction Network SyFy decided to follow the zombie trend in 2014 with Z Nation. The serial follows a group of survivors who must cross the United States from New York to California to deliver the only known cure for the zombie apocalypse to a government laboratory. The show, consisting of five seasons, is inspired by the well-known film World War Z with Brad Pitt and also spurred a spin-off, Black Summer. on Netflix.

The series balanced whimsy and dramatic flair of high-stakes action and thrill. An underrated serial for many.

TV series and Zombies

‘Black Summer’ (2019-2021)
Set in the universe of Z Nation, Black Summer Rose follows (Jamie King), a mother who joins a small group of rebels to travel to North America in search of her daughter. The group faces hostile environments, battling each other to survive by any means necessary.

Despite being a spin-off, Black Summer manages to stand on its own and expand the world of Z Nation. The fast-paced action drives the group into this dark world populated by fast-moving zombies and where it seems that none of the characters are strictly necessary. After a second season that sees the main characters evolve, the third season is awaited. On Netflix.


Another Korean series, this time with a historical background. It unfolds in two seasons of six episodes of about an hour each, and is set in the Joseon period (which is equivalent to our Middle Ages). The story tells of a strange plague that sweeps over the kingdom, while a rumor of the sick King’s death spreads. The crown prince (son of a concubine of the reigning) tries to investigate the presumed death of his father, but is hindered by the young queen. Accused of conspiracy, he decides to leave to find out more about this unknown disease and to immerse the truth about the King’s death.

On Netflix.

Irony and Horror

‘Santa Clarita Diet’ (2017)
As for the undead suburban, the comedy couple Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant it has no equal. Santa Clarita Diet (on Netflix) is about a normal boring suburban married couple, Joel and Sheila Hammond dealing with the virus. As they search for a cure, nosy neighbors and law enforcement chase the couple. The show plays with the themes of the genre, departing from them with irony. Intelligent and irreverent.

zombie tv series

‘iZombie’ (2015-2019)
iZombie was a show from CW extension based on the zombie horror comic of the same name. The show follows Olivia Moore (Rose McIver) who turns into a zombie after a boat party. Instead of fearing the curse of the undead, Moore gets a job as a medical examiner and helps solve murders by eating the victims’ brains and reliving their memories.

Drawing elements from comics and horror, iZombie appealed to a younger teen audience and allows viewers to explore the zombie genre through a new lens.

We Are No Longer Alive (2022)

hit korean series, We are no longer alive follows the story of a group of students barricaded in a school at the outbreak of a zombie apocalypse. It is precisely the school building that is the epicenter of the epidemic, so the protagonists find themselves having to rely on each other to be able to survive. Excellent zombie series, full of twists and able to keep the viewer glued to the screen for all its 12 episodes.

On Netflix.

‘Dead Set’ (2008)
Dead Set is a five-episode miniseries that draws on the classic Dawn of the Dead to paint a gory picture of a zombie-infested Britain. While filming a season of Big Brother, the housemates and film crew are forced to fight to survive the night. Despite the brevity of the series, Dead Set it is a perfect look at human behavior in times of crisis.

zombie tv series

Evil Residents (2022)

Years after a global apocalypse brought about by a virus, Jade Wesker vows to make those responsible pay as she fights the infected to survive. Between past and present, the serial oscillates between two temporal dimensions, focusing on the characters of two sisters and their conflicting relationship.

Canceled after the first season, the TV series actually had a series of interesting elements, with the only exception being that it moved too far from the original format of the video game (brought to the cinema by Milla Yovovich). Zombies don’t seem to be the great protagonists of the episodes perhaps leaving too much room for family dynamics and futurist moral/scientific dilemmas (cloning and human experimentation). The first part therefore concluded, leaving many stories open.

On Netflix the first, and for now only, season.

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