11 podcasts recommended by Giorgia Soleri. Yellows, mystery and feminism

On the subject of podcasts Giorgia’s choice ranges from crime story at Italian crime storiesfrom nostalgic tales to reflections on women and on gender fluidity. “During the lockdown I listened a lot”Feminist schedule“By Irene Facheris, and before that I listened to”Morgana”Of Tagliaferri and Murgia. But my favorite now is “The finger of god”, The story of the Costa-Concordia shipwreck, of great quality, told by Pablo Trincia who is truly a master in the world of podcasts. I am also very fond of “Bouquet of madness”, Which I have seen grow and tells cases of true crimes and is made by two friends, Martina and Federica, whom I met and was able to see during the lives. Another great podcast is “Before“, By Carla Poma, who tells of the first lesbian woman who came out in Italy and always of the same author,”Carla, a girl of the twentieth century“, the story of his grandmother”.

Here is the playlist of Giorgia Soleri’s 11 favorite podcasts

  • Feminist schedule A series on Instagram in which Irene Facheris talks to women, men and non-binary people about feminism and how to approach this theme.
  • Morgana Michela Murgia and Chiara Tagliaferri tell stories of unconventional women who have transformed their bodies into the best means of self-expression.
  • God’s finger It is the story of the night of 13 January 2012 when the Costa Concordia was shipwrecked near the island of Giglio. Pablo Trincia through the voices of the passengers, the crew, the rescuers, the inhabitants of the island evokes the tragedy, the pain and the courage.
  • Bouquet of madness Born from the friendship between Martina Peloponesi and Federica Frezza, he tells mysterious stories, without solutions and with many questions; strange and absurd cases of crime in Italy and in the world.
  • Urban demons With the subtitle “The dark side of the city” Francesco Migliaccio, with each episode tells a chilling and surprising criminal story that takes place among the most evocative streets of the most beautiful cities in the world.
  • The city of the living Nicola Lagioia leads us, in the dark, through the streets of Rome, to an anonymous apartment in the Roman suburbs, where 23-year-old Luca Varani was killed on March 4, 2016. A crime without a motive, similar to a ritual murder, remained shrouded in mystery.
  • Investigations The best known cases of Italian crime reported by Stefano Nazzi.
  • The yellow of Rome It is the story of the famous news cases of Rome, between crimes and mysteries, chosen by the journalist of the Messaggero Flaminia Savelli.
  • Traces by Camilla Mozzetti. From the case of Yara Gambirasio to Elisa Claps, cases to be reconstructed, step by step, because a crime scene always has a lot to tell for those who can read the traces.
  • Before Sara Poma through the life of Maria Silvia Spolato – a mathematics teacher who took to the streets in Rome in 1972 together with feminists with a sign declaring her homosexuality – asks herself a personal question: what would her life have been like if not had there been the courage of all those and those who came before?
  • Carla, a girl of the twentieth century Carla is the story of Sara Poma’s grandmother, the author, and of a rediscovered notebook that contains a life, that of a girl born in 1923 who one day sits at her desk to collect her memories in a lucid, intense way. touching and full of humor.

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