11 Years Later, Nick Minaj Fans Sing “Super Bass” at Ellen’s Farewell

The show “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” is airing its last episodes after 19 seasons. It has a lot of history! With this, remarkable moments of the attraction are being remembered. One of them are with Nicki Minaj fans who lived meme! 11 years ago, Sophia Grace & Rosie took to Ellen’s stage after turning around with the performance of “super bass“, hit at the time. They were only 9 and 5 years old. Now, they are very different – ​​at 19 and 15 years old, respectively.

11 years later, Nick Minaj fans sing "super bass" at Ellen's farewell
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In the interview, they remember a little of the famous viral video and the backstage of it. The curious thing is that one of the favorite fantasies of Rosie was of the Virgin Mary. At the time of filming the video, this was almost the costume.

I was close by and Rosie was putting on the outfit. I kept singing Nicki Minaj all the time and my aunt, Rosie’s mom, was the only one who had an iPhone”, commented Sophia Grace. “She said, ‘Why don’t we film it? Rosie, quickly get out of the Virgin Mary outfit and put on this outfit‘”, remembered.

Then came the video!

Remember the original video:

After they went on the Ellen show for the first time, they became almost partners – they’ve been there 30 times. At the very beginning, Nicki Minaj herself surprised both of them. Remember:

11 years later, Nicki Minaj’s fans have grown!

The Ellen DeGeneres Show has actually officially ended. Ellen DeGeneres and her crew filmed their latest episode of the famous show in the US afternoons on April 28th. The final episode will air on Thursday, May 26. After that, “The Kelly Clarkson Show” will occupy the lane on NBC stations.

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