12 Best Flash Movie Quotes


  • The Flash movie takes Barry Allen on a multiverse adventure where he discovers the dangers of meddling with the past.

  • The film includes many memorable quotes and lines, ranging from comedy to introspection, adding depth to the story and the characters.

  • Flash teams up with his younger self, Batman, and Supergirl to battle General Zod, creating a heroic journey for Barry Allen.

The Flash movie takes the Scarlet Speedster on an adventure across the multiverse and features many memorable lines of dialogue along the way. In The Flash, Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) travels to the past to prevent the murder of his mother Nora (Maribel Verdú). However, Barry ends up creating an alternate reality in which General Zod (Michael Shannon) has returned and is leading his Kryptonian army on an invasion of Earth.

To stop Zod, Barry teams up with his younger self and also joins forces with that reality’s Batman, with Michael Keaton returning to his role as the Caped Crusader. With Supergirl (Sasha Calle) also joining them to battle Zod, The Flash is an emotional hero’s journey for Barry Allen in which he learns the dangers of meddling with the past. The Flash also includes many memorable quotes and lines, ranging from comedy to introspection.

12 “This place, heterosexual beef! »

When the two Barrys first enter the Batcave in The Flash, young Barry expresses how enthralled he is with his childhood hero’s secret lair, saying, “This place is real beef!” With young Barry being even dumber than the movie’s main Barry, it’s a great quote that sums up his geeky personality. Principal Barry even revisits it after young Barry fashions a Flash costume out of one of Batman’s old costumes, telling the young Speedster that his makeshift “beef” outfit.

11 “We’re missing a literal goddess, a friendly terminator, and a super mermaid.” »

As both Barry and Supergirl prepare to fight General Zod, Principal Barry compares the heroes to a truncated version of the Justice League to convince Batman to join the fight. As Barry says, “We’re missing a literal goddess, a friendly Terminator, and a super mermaid.” But we could definitely use a Batman.” Barry’s description is the most colloquial way possible of describing the absence of Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Cyborg (Ray Fisher), and Aquaman (Jason Momoa), but it’s nonetheless the exact kind of shorthand the Scarlet Speedster would create for Justice. League.

10” Barry, it’s like I’ve never eaten anything before! »

One of the side effects of becoming a Speedster is a skyrocketing metabolism, and young Barry soon discovers this in The Flash after getting his super speed. Quickly searching everything in his cupboard and refrigerator, young Barry proclaims to his multiverse counterpart, “Barry, it’s like I’ve never eaten anything before!” Everything has this lively flavor! Barry previously portrayed himself as a “snack” in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and The Flash continues to draw comedy from how many calories the Scarlet Speedster has to consume.

9 “Eric Stoltz is Chur Boy in this movie! »

When Barry presents a plan to his young man to regain his speed and “return to the future”, young Barry reconnects with Back to the Future and exclaims, “Eric Stoltz is a chorus boy in this movie. As Barry learns, Eric Stoltz plays Marty McFly in this alternate reality, and it’s also a joke for the production of Back to the Future, in which Stoltz was originally cast as Marty before Michael J. Fox did. eventually be recast in the role. Back to the Future has a definite influence on The Flash’s story, and this line there is a nifty easter egg added to it.

8 “I’ve Come To Accept That I’m Essentially The Justice League’s Janitor”

In The Flash’s opening action sequence, Batman chases a criminal gang on the Batcycle while The Flash is tasked with preventing a hospital from collapsing. Although Barry is never shy about saving lives, he still sees it as heroic work, telling Alfred Pennyworth (Jeremy Irons) via their comms line, “I’ve come to accept that I’m basically the janitor of the Justice League. As the League’s most carefree hero, the Scarlet Speedster shows that he can always find plenty of humor and lines in even The Flash’s most dire situations.

7 “Yeah…I’m Batman”

After initially refusing to help the two Barrys rescue Superman from a Russian prison, Michael Keaton’s Batman once again dons his costume to lend a hand. Under the amazed eyes of the two Speedsters, Keaton looks directly at the camera and proclaims: “Yeah… I’m Batman”. It’s a quote that recalls both Keaton’s original tenure in Batman and one that Keaton himself had endless fun dropping in interviews and real-life settings. The Flash knows this well and breaks the fourth wall beautifully with Keaton’s immortal lineage as the Caped Crusader.

6 “Wanna have some nuts?” Let’s go! »

Following Barry’s description of the missing members of the Justice League, Batman agrees to help the three heroes defeat Zod, saying, “You wanna go crazy? Let’s go crazy! It’s one of Tim Burton’s most famous Batman quotes, with Keaton delivering the line much more aggressively when Bruce Wayne is forced to stand up to the Joker (Jack Nicholson) and his cronies in a tense scene. The Flash places the line in a whole new context, with Keaton’s Batman using it to rally his fellow young heroes in a battle to save the world.

5 “We are a people of hope, not of war”

After Kara Zor-El helps Barry regain his superspeed, she briefly reminisces about her life on Krypton, telling the two Barrys, “Krypton was a beautiful place. We are a people of hope, not of war. As Kara agrees to help the two Speedsters defeat Zod, her statement allows her to draw a line in the sand between Kryptonians like her and Zod’s corrupted vision for their people. As seen previously in Man of Steel, the symbol of the House of El born on Kara and Kal-El’s chest is not an “S” – on their world, it means hope.

4 “As in Pojarnov? »

When Barry talks about time travel with his universe’s Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) at the start of The Flash, Bruce asks, “Like in Pozharnov? when Barry talks about his brief adventure in the past that day. This line is one of the most telling in The Flash, with the line being a direct reference to Zack Snyder’s Justice League, in which Barry travels back in time during the film’s final battle in the abandoned Russian town of Pozharnov. With Barry’s last-minute time-travel save to Pozharnov not included in the 2017 theatrical cut of Justice League, The Flash canonizes Zack Snyder’s Justice League as the true version of the film.

3 “These scars make us who we are”

When Barry discusses the possibility of traveling to the past to save his mother with Bruce Wayne, Bruce discourages the idea, warning Barry of the possible consequences of meddling in the past. Bruce also shares his wisdom gained from his crime-fighting years as Batman, telling Barry, “These scars make us who we are. We’re not supposed to go back and fix them. Bruce’s quote perfectly captures The Flash’s big theme of not allowing past pain to slow down your life in the present.

2 “Your Mom Must Be Thankful You’re Visiting Her”

When Barry travels back in time to restore the normal timeline, he has a brief chat with Nora at the grocery store. Nora can clearly sense his grief as he talks about how much he will miss his mother. Nora tells Barry, “Your mother must be grateful that you came to visit her”, completely unaware that Barry is her son from the future. This is truly one of The Flash’s most heartbreaking lines, as Barry realizes he can’t save his mother like he thought.

1 “I Love You, Mom”

After Barry realizes that his attempt to save his mother has catastrophic consequences for his timeline and the entire multiverse, he makes the decision to undo his initial act that prevented Nora’s murder. The decision is clearly heartbreaking for Barry, but he can’t save the multiverse without saying goodbye, with Barry tearfully telling Nora, “I love you mom. I love you more. I loved you first”. Although Nora doesn’t hear it herself due to Barry saying the phrase while super-speeding, it’s still an emotionally powerful moment for the Scarlet Speedster’s multiverse story in The Flash.

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