13 identical cars abandoned in a field

It is, in fact, one of the most sensational barnfinds of recent years. This is where the iconic cars of the 1970s re-emerged.

It will not be like the discovery of the Riace Bronzes, re-emerged in Calabria on August 16, 1972. But there are few such finds. And for us car enthusiasts, being able to give this news is undoubtedly a source of great joy.

The discovery of the Porsche 928 (web source)

The Porsche 928

It is, in fact, one of the most sensational barnfinds of recent years. By barnfind, as we know, we mean the (re) discovery of cars and, in general, vehicles that re-emerge, often dusty, in the most unthinkable places. If the term, in fact, was born referring to the old American barns, today the finds can take place anywhere. The term, in fact, derives from their tendency to be found in places such as barns, sheds, carports and outbuildings where they have been stored for many years. The term usually applies to rare and valuable vehicles, and which consequently are of great interest to collectors and enthusiasts despite their poor condition.

In this case, the find is exceptional: 13 Porsche 928s! The Porsche 928 is a Gran Turismo car, with coupé-type bodywork produced by the German car manufacturer Porsche between 1977 and 1995. In the mid-seventies, in fact, the 911 (presented in 1963) was aging and in the eyes of the new Porsche management. Thus came the Porsche 928.

The 928 project always took off in those years also because in the United States of America parameters were being defined for very strict crash tests that at that time a rear-engined car would never have passed. So in order not to lose a substantial slice of the market, a car other than the 911 was thought of.

The finding

We are talking about a car that in 1978 it won the “car of the year” award. Equipped with a modern coupé body with large tailgate and transaxle layout, the 928 was powered by a brand new 4474 cc aluminum V8 engine with a camshaft per bank and electronic fuel injection capable of delivering maximum power of 177 kW (241 hp) at 5250 rpm. Equipment that allowed it to reach 230 kilometers per hour.

The 4 self-ventilated disc brakes, the independent wheel suspension (with a rear axle called Weissach axle and optimized to reduce oversteer) and the 5-speed manual gearbox completed a first-rate technical picture.

The discovery of the Porsche 928 (web source) 16.8.2022 quattromania 2
The discovery of the Porsche 928 (web source)

For this reason, therefore, the find is really significant. The images show at least 13 Porsche 928s, from the first 4.5 liters without spoilers, to the 5-liter S4 with the rounded rear. Found in the Simi Valley, north of the Santa Monica Natural Park.

Although in poor condition, these cars are valuable. Even so, the prices tell us that one of these cars cannot be valued less than 10-12 thousand euros.

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