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Stellantis will pay most of the French auto group employees up to 1,400 euros as an anti-inflation measure in October. The AFP reports this after a meeting between the company and trade unions in France, specifying that there will not be an increase in salaries, but a one-off bonus. As for Italy, a spokesperson for the group explained that we will launch the discussion in Italy in the coming weeks, as each country is specific, in terms of legislation and inflation. The group, which includes the companies Fiat in Italy, Psa in France and Chrysler in the United States, has 300,000 employees worldwide.

Italy, different laws

As for Italy, we will start discussions in the coming weeks, as each country has its own specificities in terms of inflation legislation: sources of Stellantis, interviewed by theHandle in Paris, they thus answered the question whether the group intended to recognize an anti-inflation bonus also for Italian employees, after today’s announcements in favor of French employees. The group, which recorded 8 billion in profits in the first half of 2022, will pay in France 1,000 euros in bonuses to French employees who earn up to double the transalpine minimum wage (equal to 1,678.95 euros per month), which corresponds to 60 % of the workforce. On the other hand, those who earn more than twice the minimum wage will receive a bonus of 500 euros.

In France

The proposals made by the management and shared with the social partners will allow us to increase the purchasing power of our employees above inflation, said Bruno Bertin, director of human resources at Stellantis in France. The management of Stellantis also proposed to the unions on Tuesday an agreement on the early release of the participation and the distribution of profits, as well as a mandatory annual negotiation (NAO) that will begin in December 2022 for the following year. As reported by AFP, all the unions refused to sign this agreement, judging the gesture insufficient in light of the company’s record results and despite the granting of a profit-sharing bonus of € 4,300 on average. For its part, Stellantis pointed out that the total sums disbursed in 2022 to support purchasing power represent up to 1,965 euros per employee in France.

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