15 Music Artists Who Are Also Actors

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One of the most common things that happens in the entertainment industry is when an artist moves through different languages. In view of this, it is not difficult to find music starsfor example, who are also in front of the cameras of the movie theaterand vice versa.

Many of them are successful in both directions and you have probably seen several out there. With that in mind, we’ve put together this list 15 Music Artists Who Are Also Actors!

Lady Gaga

Although she is best known for her storied musical career, Lady Gaga has also been dedicated to acting, especially in recent years, standing out for his leading role in films A Star is Born (2018), a feature for which she was nominated for the Oscarand Gucci House (2021).

But it is not today that the pop diva shows the world all her talent as an actress. Before achieving worldwide fame and with only 15 yearsshe appeared in one of the episodes of the award-winning series Soprano family. Another production that stands out in the singer’s curriculum is American Horror Storyseries in which she participated for two seasons.

Jennifer Lopez

Another pop star who is extremely versatile and is also successful on the big screen is Jennifer Lopez. As her career in the artistic field developed, acting and music mixed and transformed JLo into the icon she is today, ensuring several successful productions in her professional life.

The movies Selena (1997), irresistible passion (1998) and the scammers (2019) are some highlights of her professional side as an actress.

Harry Styles

since the end of boyband british One Directionthe singer Harry Styles is increasingly demonstrating its artistic potential in the entertainment industry – and that includes film. His debut on the big screen was in Dunkirk (2017), film by Christopher Nolanwhere he played a soldier in the epic war plot.

Although his transition from music to the seventh art is relatively recent, Harry seems to be putting a lot of effort into his new craft. This year alone, he will star in two feature films: the psychological thriller Do not worry, dear and the drama My Policeman.

Oh, of course, we can’t forget that he also appeared as Eros during the post-credits scene of eternal of MCU.

Justin Timberlake

Like Harry Styles, Justin Timberlake also became known worldwide for having participated in a boybanda ‘N Sync. However, the beginning of his artistic career was not in music, but in acting: he was a member of the program Mickey’s Clubin the 1990s.

It was only after reaching stardom that Timberlake returned to appear in projects as an actor, participating in films such as the acclaimed The social network (2010), the romantic comedy Colorful friendship (2011) and Inside Llewyn Davis: Ballad of an Everyman (2013).

In addition, Justin Timberlake also continues to dedicate himself to his musical career and has already collected several hits and award-winning albums.


Beyonce He’s the kind of person who needs no introduction. After achieving fame as one of the members of girlband Destiny’s Childthe singer continued to increase her artistic power even more with her solo career, establishing herself in the music scene with award-winning and iconic songs.

But Beyoncé doesn’t just shine in music: she has also participated in several film projects such as The pink Panther (2006), obsessive (2009) and The Lion King (2019), the live-action reboot of Jon Favreauwhere he lent his voice to the character nala.


As much as you are on the team that doesn’t believe in the return of the musical side of Rihanna, she is still one of the most consecrated singers in the industry. With several hits in her luggage, the artist also transits through various areas of entertainment, including cinema.

The highlights of his film career are his roles in Eight Women and a Secret (2018), Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets and Guava Island (2019).

Alana Haim

Recently, Alana Haim made an impressive debut on the big screen with the film Licorice Pizzafrom acclaimed filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson. But the right partnership is not something new in his life, as the director had already directed the direction of some of the band’s music videos. Haima group in which Alana has been a member since 2007 alongside her two older sisters.


the rapper ludacris is another name of the music that is also part of the universe of the seventh art. After making a strong presence in the music scene during the late 1990s and early 2000s, the singer began to make his transition to acting, becoming known in the field for playing Tej Parker in the franchise Fast and furious.


Another singer who wasted no time in expanding her talent was Madonna. Considered by many to be the queen of popshe owns a wide variety of albums and established hits in music history, also making her mark in the film industry.

His most prominent roles were in the films Desperately Looking for Susan (1985), Body in Evidence (1993) and Prevents (1996).


the iconic Cher is another artist who also doesn’t need presentations, after all her importance in the artistic field speaks for itself. The singer began her career in the duo of folk rock Sonny & Cher in the decade of 1960 and has since continued to expand her horizons after achieving worldwide fame, becoming one of the most versatile artists of recent times.

Speaking specifically about her film career, Cher participated in features such as Silkwood: A Portrait of Courage (1983), moon spell (1988), a film that won her an Oscar, and burlesque (2010).

ice cube

ice cubeformer member of the famous rap group NWAis one of the most influential personalities in the hip hop genre and also continues to be present in the film industry.

His acting debut took place in 1991 in the movie Street owners. Since then, Ice Cube has continued to dedicate himself to acting as well as a solo music career, appearing in features such as Friday in Trouble (1995), law Angels (2012) and The Perfect Beat (2020).

Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae started her career as a singer during the 2000s, and soon began to draw attention because of her enormous talent. So, it didn’t take long for her to decide to add new experiences to her resume: in 2016Janelle debuted on the big screen with the films Moonlight: Under the Moonlight and Stars Beyond Timetwo outstanding productions in his filmography.

Will Smith

Although he is best known for his career as an actor, Will Smith began his artistic career in music in the 1980s. Using the name Fresh Princehe started to be very successful as a rapper until the opportunity to star in the series Fresh prince of Bel Air. The rest, of course, is history.

Nowadays, Smith has productions like Men in Black (1997), Looking for happiness (2006) and I’m the Legend (2007) in his filmography. Furthermore, he won his first Oscar in early 2022 for his performance in King Richard: Creating Champions (2021).

Jennifer Hudson

One day reality show participant american idol and, on the other, owner of an extremely successful career. Jennifer Hudson is the artist in question and all her prestige is not for nothing, after all she has reached the coveted (and restricted) status EGOTa title reserved for those who have already won the four most important awards in the entertainment industry (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony).

Since the focus here is on her life as an actress, Hudson is best known for having been in the movies. Dreamgirls: In Search of a Dream (2006) and respect (2021), a feature film where the singer lived Aretha Franklin.

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas reached stardom alongside his two brothers as one of the band’s vocalists Jonas Brothers. But in addition to musical aptitudes, he also has a foot in acting.

After participating in the successes of the disneyas Camp Rock, Nick has continued to develop his acting side, though not as much as music, over the past few years. Among the highlights are the series Scream Queens (2015) and kingdom (2014-2017), and the film Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2018).

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