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Sardinia has launched a plan against depopulation which aims to support families and businesses so that they choose to live not only in the region, but above all in small towns. The resources are allocated by the regional administration, amounting to 105 million euros to finance two measures. The first aimed at supporting those who intend to go and live in municipalities with a population of less than 3,000 inhabitants, provides for an allocation of 45 million, and consists in providing a contribution of up to 15,000 euros to those who buy or renovate homes.

Contribution to new residents

Requirements are required to get the bonus. First of all, it is granted to those who have their registered residence in a small Sardinian town or to those who transfer it within 18 months of the purchase of the property or from the date of completion of the renovation works. The fundamental condition is that the municipality of origin is not also a small town on the island. The amount that is disbursed to the beneficiaries equal to 50% of the purchase, renovation or both, but up to a maximum of 15 thousand euros per person (only one present in each family unit). The contribution can be granted to a family being set up (also made up of a single person) even if the one of origin has already benefited from the same contribution for another home: for example, in the event that the child of a couple who has already benefited from the measure goes to live on their own. The loan of 45 million euros, declined over three years (2 from 2022 to 2024, ed) – explained the councilor for public works Aldo Salari -, will be granted on the basis of precise criteria identified on the basis of the principles of fairness and justice and in relation to the needs of the territories. Intervening on the first house is equivalent to encouraging residency in areas considered disadvantaged, favoring their rebirth and projecting them into the future.

Aid for new business activities

The rest of the resources, therefore 60 million euros distributed over three years, are instead destined for the development of economic and commercial activities, again in Sardinian villages with fewer than 3,000 inhabitants. How does it work? Every new business, whether small or large, that is born or moves to a territory of the island that meets the requirements will receive a non-repayable grant equal to 15 thousand euros, which can reach up to 20 thousand if this increases employment. These initiatives are aimed at containing and combating the phenomenon of depopulation – announced the president of the region, Christian Solinas – by encouraging residents not to abandon their territory and by relaunching the economy and increasing consumption in order to be able to provide the services necessary for attract new residents. This measure, explains the administration, is linked to that of accompanying businesses (including new ones) which provides, from next year, a contribution in the form of a tax credit of up to 40% of the taxes paid, with the aim of relieving economic activities with high costs of taxation.

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