16 songs for the weekend; from Taylor Swift to Juliette

Can’t stand listening to the same songs anymore? Vida&Arte carries out a selection of the main releases every weekend. On this Friday, May 6th list, there are works by Taylor Swift, Juliette, Lady Gaga, Jorge and Mateus and more! There are many genres and artists to dive into. Check out:

1. Taylor Swift – This Love (Taylor’s Version)

Continuing with the project of re-recording her own songs, Taylor Swift re-released “This Love”, a track that is part of the album “1989”. This is the second song on the album released by the singer.

2. Juliette – Tired of Dancing

After releasing her first EP last year, Juliette released her new single, where she also signs the composition. With elements of piseiro and cheesy funk, “Cansar de Dançar” talks about playing on the dance floor without fear of being who you are.

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3. Lady Gaga – Hold My Hand

Lady Gaga released “Hold My Hand”, a song that integrates the soundtrack of “Top Gun: Maverick”. Starring Tom Cruise, the feature premieres on May 26.

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4. Jorge and Mateus – All Yours

Jorge & Mateus present the new single “Todo Seu”. The unreleased track arrives with a romantic feel and is now available on all audio platforms. In addition to being the duo’s first release in 2022, “Todo Seu” is also the first single from the country’s next album.

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5. Doja Cat – Vegas

Also featured on the film’s soundtrack is singer Doja Cat. “Vegas” is part of the biopic “Elvis”, with a release date of June 24. The song was first performed at Coachella and now arrives on digital platforms.

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6. Xand Plane – Aham Ok

This Friday (06), Xand Avião launches his new musical bet with the single “Aham Ok” The track is composed of a sound that mixes traditional forró with piseiro and addresses in its lyrics love complications, where the phrase -track title is used in an ironic way, in which the lyrical self just pretends to believe what the other person says.

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7. Jack Harlow – First Class

Jack Harlow released the video for “First Class” with a surprise that moved Brazilians: the video features Anitta. The track is part of the artist’s new album, titled “Come Home The Kids Miss You”.

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8. Di Ferrero – One Bad One Binge

“:(A BAD A FARE :)” is Di Ferrero’s first solo album, which arrives on all audio platforms this Friday (6th). The work explores alternative pop and various aspects of rock – a reflection of everything the 36-year-old musician experienced with NX. There are 12 songs in which he makes peace with the past, reveals his interests in the present and indicates that he will pave the way for a bright future. The album’s title track, “UMA BAD UMA FARRA”, also arrives with a performance video on the artist’s official YouTube channel.

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9. A$AP Rocky – DMB

A$AP Rocky releases his new single, “DMB”. The track is accompanied by a cinematic clip that begins with A$AP Rocky and Rihanna. The video is an ode to classic love stories, with Rocky and Rihanna portraying super faithful characters living devoted relationships despite their circumstances.

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10. Vitor Kley – Everything Reminds Me of You

After the single “O Amor Machuca Demais”, Vitor Kley returns with the novelty “Everything Me Remembers You”. The song that rocked the singer’s TikTok algorithms, even before it was released, now arrives on major digital platforms. “Tudo Me Memória Você” was born with the arrangement, falsetto, guitar and riff. “I am very happy, very excited. It’s the Vitor pop root that people know. Solar, guitar and astral. It’s a song made for people to go out singing in the first or second chorus there”, describes Vitor Kley.

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11. Simple Plan – Harder Than It Looks

Around the 2000s? Simple releases their sixth studio album titled “Harder Than It Looks”. There are ten tracks, including the already released “Wake Me Up”, “Congratulations”, “The Antidote” and “Ruin My Life”

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12. Giulia Be – FBI

Giulia Be plays detective in her new “FBI” video. In the track, the singer jokes about delving into a love interest’s life and discovering things she wouldn’t like.

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13. Charlie Puth – That’s Hilarious

New Charlie Puth clip is out! “That’s Hilarious” won a video focused on the actor’s expressions when singing about a delicate moment he lived in 2019 after a love breakup.

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14. Vitão – Declaration

Vitão released a new song, titled “Declaração”. The track reflects on what he has lived through in recent years and is a declaration of love for the people who have followed him in recent times.

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15. Tove Lo – No One Dies From Love

With the release of “No One Dies From Love”, Tove Lo begins a new era in her career. The track wins a clip directed by the Brazilian duo Alaska.

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16. Vanessa da Mata – Today I Know

Vanessa da Mata releases the video for “Hoje Eu Sei”, which belongs to her seventh album “Quando Nosso Nosso Beijos na Esquina”. In paradisiacal scenes, directed by Bruno Fioravanti, Vanessa gets rid of all her past traumas, restraints and pain, in order to love herself first.

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