16 thousand euros to those who give birth and raise ten or more children

A real state bonus to put a stop to the demographic decline. He made it official Vladimir Putin: the title of Mother Heroine will be awarded to mothers of ten or more children and provides for a lump sum payment of one million rubles, about 16 thousand euros. This was announced by a decree published today on the official portal of legal information, cited by the Tass agency. “The title of Mother Heroine is established, to be assigned to a mother citizen of the Russian Federation, who has given birth to and raised ten or more children citizens of the Russian Federation”, reads the document.

The title of Mother Heroine

The title “Mother Heroine” will be included in the list of the highest titles in Russia along with the titles “Hero of Russia” and “Hero of Labor”. The title of “Mother Heroine” will not automatically be awarded at the birth of the tenth child, but only when the tenth child reaches the age of one and provided that all nine other children are alive at that time. The assignment of the title takes into account children who have disappeared or died while defending the homeland or its interests, carrying out civil, official or military tasks, as well as following attacks and terrorist emergencies.

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The demographic decline in Russia

Putin proposed the innovations contained in the decree more than two months ago, on June 1, on the occasion of Children’s Day. The president stressed that the title of “Mother heroine” was in effect in the days of the USSR and that today the “traditions of a large, numerous family” are gradually recovering. “As a rule, you can rely on those who grew up in a large family. They will not disappoint a friend, or colleagues, or their native country, ”Putin said.

In June, the president defined the demographic situation of the Russia “Extremely difficult” and called for “drastic” measures. Decisions must be commensurate “to the extent of the extraordinary demographic challenge we face”, he urged Putin at the time. Due to the difficult situation of the birth rate in Russia, “there are not enough workers,” the president stressed in December last year.

In the first six months of 2022, in Russia 6.3% fewer babies were born than in the same period the previous year (minus 42.9 thousand), according to Rosstat data. The rate of decline in the absolute number of births has slowed since 2019 – then in the first half of the year the decrease reached 8.1%, in the first half of 2020 the number of births decreased by 5.4%, in January-June 2021 – by 0.4%. In June 2022, the drop in the birth rate was particularly profound – minus 9.6% compared to June of the previous year.

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