175 residents of public care centers for children in Spain. One of the perpetrators is the husband of a left-wing politician

The spokesperson’s data on sexual abuse was presented in the regional parliament on Monday by members of the center-right People’s Party (PP). They also pointed to a number of negligence on the part of the deputy prime minister of the regional government of Valencia, Monika Oltra, responsible, inter alia, for equality issues.

According to the declarations of MPs quoted on Tuesday by “El Mundo” and the testimony of one of the victims of sexual abuse, Oltra was supposed to have known in 2016 about the crimes against the then 14-year-old girl Teresa. She was harassed by Oltra’s husband, who worked several years ago in one of the care centers in the Valencia region.

“Monica Oltra is not guilty of what her ex-husband did to me, but she hid the report I wrote to her,” Teresa told El Mundo.

The head of the far-left party Compromis divorced her husband shortly before the court’s verdict, which in December 2019 sentenced the man to 5 years in prison for pedophile acts committed in a care center where he worked with children. In September 2021, the Higher Court of the Autonomous Community of Valencia upheld the judgment.

Despite serious accusations against Oltra’s ex-spouse, the Valencian government has not decided to remove the guardian from working with children. His employment contract was terminated only after the sentence was announced.

On Tuesday, Oltra denied knowing about the abuses committed by her ex-husband. She also stated that she would not resign.

Source: PAP, Niezalezna.pl

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