1750 hires with trade union agreement

Monte Paschi di Siena (MPS) will carry out numerous staff hires thanks to a new trade union agreement.

The well-known banking group has reached an agreement with the trade unions in the sector on the new Industrial Plan 2022-2026, which it envisages 3,500 voluntary exits. The operation may allow up to 1750 new entries of staff.

Here’s what to know about upcoming Monte Paschi di Siena jobs and how to apply to work in the bank.


In fact, the MPS Group has reached an agreement with Fabi, First, Fisac, Uilca and Unisin for the management of 3,500 voluntary staff departures by 30 November, as required by Industrial plan 2022-2026, through the Solidarity Fund. The agreement provides for a redundancy program that will allow employees of the bank to access early retirement, on a voluntary basis, within the next 7 years.

A plan is foreseen for the exit of the staff near the pension generational change, with a ratio of 1 input to every 2 outputs. So, they are about 1,750 jobs in Monte paschi di Siena which will be created in accordance with the trade union organizations. The outgoings will be incentivized with a contribution equal to 80% of the net ordinary salary (Ron) parameterised on an annual basis or 85% in the case of net monthly salaries of less than 2,850 euros.


As for the figures who will be involved in the recruitment plan, Monte Paschi Siena will mostly be young and, in all likelihood, the required profiles will be different. It is easy to imagine that, for the most part, they will be staff to be included in the MPS branches. It cannot be excluded that the upcoming job opportunities in the bank may also concern other profiles, for example to be used for digitization.


We remind you that Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, also known as MPS, is an Italian credit institution. It was created, in 1472, as a Monte di Pietà, to give help to the disadvantaged classes of the population of the city of Siena. Today it is one of the main banks present in Italy. Currently MPS it has over 1360 branches and 166 specialist centers throughout the country, and employs more than 20,000 collaborators.


Those interested in future Monte Paschi Siena hires and job opportunities in the bank can visit the page dedicated to the careers (Work with us) of the Group. From the same it is possible apply onlineby sending the CV using the appropriate form, in view of the next staff recruitment.

Visit our page dedicated to companies hiring, to also discover other interesting employment opportunities.

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