2 symptoms that reveal to you if you have too high cholesterol: run right away to see!

Beware of these 2 symptoms, if you have them it could mean that you have very high cholesterol and you should get checked right away.

When it comes to health, the precaution is never too much. In fact, it is always better to know some symptoms to recognize them immediately and act promptly.

2 high cholesterol symptoms
2 symptoms that reveal to you if you have too high cholesterol: run right away to see! – Tuttogratis.it (photo source Canva)

It is very important to always keep your health under control, periodic analyzes certainly do not hurt, but not everyone thinks about it. Sometimes, we think that negative things can only happen to others and not to us and so we neglect our state of health. This is why it is important to be able to recognize certain symptoms, in order to immediately call the doctor and make the necessary checks. In fact, today I want to talk to you about the 2 symptoms that may mean that you have too high cholesterol. Cholesterol is a substance that your body already produces, but too high levels can create many health problems. High cholesterol in fact it can also cause many problems to the cardiovascular system and for this reason its levels in the blood should never be underestimated. Let’s see now how to find out your cholesterol levels with just one move.

If you notice these 2 symptoms, go to the doctor right away as it means you have high cholesterol

If you notice these 2 symptoms, go to the doctor immediately because it means that you have high cholesterol – Tuttogratis.it (source photo Canva)

To know for sure what cholesterol levels are in your blood, the only way forward is laboratory analysis. So I always recommend that you talk to your doctor and get him to advise you on which way to go. To find out if you have high cholesterol, a first “self-diagnosis” can be done by yourself trying to notice some signs on your body.

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However, I want to clarify that not everyone has these symptoms, it depends from person to person. So you may have high cholesterol and not show it clearly, or you may have high cholesterol and show these signs. The first thing you need to look at is your face and especially your eyes.

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In fact, it seems that those who suffer from high cholesterol have a white circle that forms around the iris of the eyes. Also, on the skin around the eye, if you notice small, clear bumps they are actually cholesterol deposits. Other very important signs you can notice them around elbows, knuckles and knees where some bumps form. Finally, the Achilles tendon can also hurt and be swollen in case of high cholesterol.

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