20 actors traumatized by their roles in a film

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Since the beginning, the variety of the cinematographic genre has benefited from the different sensibility of the various filmmakers who, alternating behind the camera, have gradually brought new approaches within the industry. We viewers as users of the final product are the recipients of the works of artists and craftsmen who at every opportunity give new life to the power of the imagination, however sometimes to enjoy these works we do not consider the efforts of those who made them and the price. who had to pay. In fact, we often do not notice the effort of the individual actor who has to stage a particularly traumatic event, or when to make a scene credible he is forced to put himself emotionally on the same level as the character. There are also cases where the directors themselves asked their actors for a particularly extreme performance on a physical or emotionally disturbing level, cases that have inevitably left an indelible mark on the career – and on the psyche – of some great faces of cinema. Between actors who have reported very serious injuries, those who have had to take a break from acting due to too much stress and those who have seen a professional relationship deteriorate inexorably due to some controversial choices, the anecdotes to tell would be too many. So we decided to track down for you 20 sensational cases of actors who were literally traumatized by their role in a certain film for the most disparate reasons. From the story of Henry Cavill in Justice League up to the vicissitudes of Kristen Stewart in Personal Shopper here is today’s gallery: “From Henry Cavill to Kristen Stewart: 20 actors traumatized by their roles in a film“.


If the gallery “Henry Cavill, Kristen Stewart and the others: 20 actors traumatized by their roles in a film you liked it, here you will find others that can do for you:



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