20 Best Metal Records of 1989

4. Faith No More – The Real Thing

by “The Real Thing” faith No More It is an album that stands out for its fusion of genres. Their mix of metal, funk, pop and progressive rock challenged the conventions of the time, resulting in an innovative and exciting record.

This album is considered one of the precursors of alternative metal, influenced bands such as Korn and Limp Bizkit. Their single “Epic” was a huge commercial success and is still one of the band’s most recognizable songs.

5. Savatage-Gutter Ballet

“Gutter Ballet” by Wild A masterpiece of progressive metal. The combination of heavy riffs, piano melodies, and a dramatic storyline make it one of 1989’s most exciting records.

This album is a sample of the range and emotional depth that progressive metal, Their influence can be seen in later bands in the genre who also chose complex and emotional stories.

6. Rule – Practice what you preach

by “Practice What You Preach” Rule An undeniable classic of thrash metal. With a mix of speed, intensity, and socially conscious lyrics, the record cemented Testament as one of the leading thrash bands of the era.

Recognized as one of the pioneer bands in Testament thrash metal scene This album, in particular, is often cited as a major influence on many metal bands from the late 80s onwards.

7. Motörhead – Rock ‘n’ Roll

“Rock’n’Roll” by motorhead It’s an album that stands out for its exuberant energy and rebellious attitude. While perhaps not the band’s best-known record, it is nevertheless a great example of their distinctive sound and influence on metal.

Although Motörhead is primarily known for its influence on music, Formation of speed and thrash metal, this album shows that they also knew how to make high quality rock ‘n’ roll. His influence can be seen in the countless rock and metal bands that have adopted his laid-back attitude and raw sound.

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