200M€ jackpot for Benzema, everything is “fake”

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200M€ jackpot for Benzema, everything is “fake”

Published on August 21, 2023 at 07:45 pm

Recently, Karim Benzema joined Al-Ittihad. The Frenchman is one of the first greats to join Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia. According to multiple sources, the former Real Madrid striker will receive €200m per season at his new club. But according to Romain Molina, the Ballon d’Or will ultimately earn only €30m per year.

This summer, the transfer market was rocked by an unexpected player. l’Saudi Arab Armed with a desire to develop his football and his country, he decided to hit the transfer window by recruiting a large number of football stars. The latest example is none other than Neymar who left it psg attend al hilal,

Karim Benzema joins Al-Ittihad

First neymarMany stars have joined the various formations of the Saudi Championship. Karim Benzema signed for example Al-IttihadAs n’golo forks, Seiko fofna got included in al nassarAnd kalidou coulibaly al hilal,

“It’s around 30M€ per year”

These stars have been lured by big salaries Saudi Arab, Karim Benzema For example 200M€ would be received per season. but on his channel youtube, roman molina indicated that ultimately it would be much less. “The amount that was announced at the beginning, like €200m for Benzema, was fake. No, Benzema does not take home €200m a year. It’s around 30M€ per year, plus probably other things.

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