2022 bills increase in arrival: by how much and why

New increases are on the way for gas and electricity users. The alarm is raised by Arera itself, which recognizes the blame for the new price increases in the insults of the defaulters and the bankruptcies of companies. Let’s see what is happening together.

L’Arera throws a new alarm which concerns both the utilities of gas and luce: new ones are on the way increases for bills, this time from 100%.

But why are new user price increases about to occur? The fault lies with the unpaid debts and company bankruptcies.

The economic situation for Italian families is not improving. As emerges from the latest data Istat processed by Codacons, today the acquired inflation rate for 2022 is equal to + 6.7%. This means that, with the same consumption, Italians suffer an increase in spending during the year equal to a total of 53.5 billion euros for the purchase of goods and services compared to 2021, precisely due to the increase in prices. and rates.

As for the increases in bills and in general costs for the home, electricity increased by 85.3%, gas by 42.7%, with a higher expenditure on electrical appliances for the home of the 13.8%, 9.9% air conditioners and refrigerators, 9.8% freezers.

2022 bills: new 100% increases on the way


Electricity and gas bills will suffer 100% price increases, this means they will double starting from October 1st. The risk raised by Arera is that of finding ourselves faced with a crescendo of arrears due to families and businesses that, due to lack of liquidity or bankruptcies among energy sellers, have not paid their bills, and those costs will still have to be collected.

The price increases are a direct consequence of this situation. In fact, the so-called socialization of burdens provides that the debts of those who are unable to pay the utilities are spread on the bills of those who pay them regularly. The result is that the bill becomes more expensive for those who have continued to pay their bills so far.

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