2022 water bonus new: when contributions arrive

In the coming weeks, those who have requested the water bonus could receive the contribution up to a maximum value of 1000 euros. This was communicated by the Ministry of Ecological Transition, which made it known that Sogei is in the process of closing the analysis of the applications for reimbursements.

The Ministry of Ecological Transition announced that Sogei is close to the closing phase of the analysis of the requests for reimbursement of the expenses incurred in 2021 for the water consumption efficiency measures for which the water bonus.

This means that those who have requested a refund by June 30th will soon receive it in the coming weeks.

Water bonus 2022: what it is


The goal of the water bonus is to promote the saving of water resources and consists of a incentive of 1000 euros to carry out works involving the replacement of ceramic sanitary vessels with new reduced-drain appliances, replacement of existing sanitary taps, shower heads and shower columns with new water flow-limiting appliances.

The bonus covers the expenses made from 1st January to 31st December 2021 for water efficiency interventions. The bonus is available to adults residing in Italy, holders of property rights or other real rights over a property. The application can be submitted for one property only.

The contribution differs from the drinking water bonuswhich instead encourages filtering systems

The interventions included


The bonus is recognized for expenses relating to:

The supply and installation of ceramic sanitary vessels with a maximum discharge volume equal to or less than 6 liters and related discharge systems, including connected plumbing and masonry works and the disassembly and disposal of pre-existing systems […] The supply and installation of taps and mixers for bathroom and kitchen, including devices for controlling the flow of water with a flow rate equal to or less than 6 liters per minute, and of shower heads and shower columns with flow rates. water equal to or less than 9 liters per minute, including any connected plumbing and masonry works and the dismantling and disposal of pre-existing systems.

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