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It was hard to imagine that the simple release of the calendar for the 2023 season could create so much fuss at the top floors of the FIA ​​and F1, instead the Federation has succeeded in the not simple feat of making all the parties involved unhappy. He certainly did not like the modus operandi of the World Motor Sport Council Stefano Domenicali, which was enormously annoyed by the lack of attention – on the part of the highest body of international motoring – in announcing the stages of the new season awaiting the endorsement of Liberty Media. All this by exploiting the work done by the American F1 owners at the level of bargaining with the various circuits.

But to have resented not a little with the Federation were also the individual teams, more and more compact with the leadership of the Circus do not like the work of the new federal leaders, starting with the new president Ben Sulayem. As reported by several international media, including the site GP Fansthe teams were given by the WMSC only three hours notice on Tuesday morning to carry out the vote on the new calendar, extended to 24 GPs. This sudden rush obviously created many problems for all the teams. Specifically, moreover, it seems that the US-Mexico-Brazil end-of-season hat-trick had not yet been approved by the teams.

There will hardly be any changes to the order and placement of those three races, but what bothered the team principals – and F1 – a lot was theattitude of poor consultation shown by the FIA. The Circus had to jump through hoops to define the agreement with the Monaco GP, which as known was still stalled. Similarly, the date shift of the Belgian GP, ​​which later clashed with the traditional weekend reserved for the 24 Hours of Spa, was done without the teams having confirmed their approval. A question of method, ultimately, which must be added to the many other tensions that in recent times have opposed the worlds of Formula 1 and those of the Federation. The common feeling is that the confrontation between the parties is only just beginning and threatens to become even more heated.


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