2023 Elections: MILEI’s Proposal to Win in October

Javier Millais gave these shocks election passed itby imposing himself as the candidate with the most votes in individual terms and measuring the overall size of all the forces. Despite being accused of damaging his image, his speech focused on convincing him of what he would do when he finally formed a government. With the announcement of his plans, countermeasurehelped bring predictability to voters who lacked suggestions from other primary candidates.

The blow Millais received months ago when she spoke about organ and human donation ended up being the serendipitous event that guided her campaign. His political advisers were alarmed by the implications of this and asked economists to ignore it in order to participate in this kind of discussion with journalists.

Therefore, national delegates began to focus purely on: His measures for national reform, his condemnation of caste, and his proposals on macroeconomics and the deepening of the security divideintroduces his doctrine that “the one who does them pays for them.”

Proposals to try to implement if Millais becomes president

In early August, the presidential candidate took to his social networks to detail how the government’s plans for the election were structured.This considers the important reduction in public spendingas well as Abolition of national tax and one Reorganization of labor laws and exchange rules.

national reform

First, Millais proposes an administrative amendment and it begins. Ministries have been reduced, leaving only eight. Economics, Judiciary, Domestic Affairs, Security, Defense, Infrastructure, Foreign Relations, Building a Human Capital Portfoliosocial development, education and health.

This reform includes the abolition of the headquarters, secretarial office and its internal address. Dismissal of non-career employees. Those affected will be reassigned to areas of need, he said.

Javier Millay at the end of the campaign at Movistar Arena. (tram)

In addition to that, I add Privatize all public companies of Tlam, Public TV, INCAA and INADI, among others. It doesn’t matter if there is a surplus at the time of the assumption.

Javier Millais Economic Reform

Assuming that the implemented economic model does not work, The National Deputies of La Libertad Avanza proposed a series of action plans, mainly including:

  1. a Substantial reduction in public spending impact 15% of GDP
  2. be 90% tax reductionwhich means 2% of the product
  3. be Workforce modernization That leads to a model with an unemployment insurance system like the US has implemented. Wokla
  4. Unilateral trade start
  5. abolish the central bank by pre-paying the debt, dollarization Stabilization of the economy through a system of free currency competition
  6. Abolishment of economic subsidies to companies and subsequent increase in usage fees
  7. Promoting an investment structure focused on mining, hydrocarbons, renewable energy, etc.
  8. and get her out of the trapand other measures are being taken.

Abolition of education and public health

Millay emphasized her Plans to privatize public health and education systems and reiterated his idea of ​​implementing a “voucher” system to pay for teaching.

“In the long term, we must introduce a private system of health care and education. We should aim to abolish direct social assistanceTherefore, no immediate cuts will be made in this dimension, he said. “Unless we adopt an economic model of freedom that enables the creation of wealth, jobs and happiness, it will not happen. It is a crime to take away life insurance.”.

The best healthcare systems are private, each Argentinian pays for the service. Argentinians are better served in the civilian system,” he added.

The libertarian leader further added:We want to move to a model of free choice and competition in education. To that end, we have agreed with the province to promote a pilot public education program through a voucher system that allows Argentines to continue their education. ”

Giving the Green Light to Judicial Reform and “Crime Suppression”

Leader of ALL repeated his plan to “abolish public works” and the implementation of a “Chilean-style private initiative plan” or a “national program to promote urbanization trusts”.

Candidate too I advocated for judicial reform, accusing the judiciary of “persecuting opponents and favoring friends.”. He said he would propose “appointing” a Supreme Court justice if elected president and would be “an iron defender of the ideas of[jurist and national constitutional ideologue]Alberdi.” Announced. . ”

On security, Millay claimed that he planned to “give back” political support to the security forces so that they could resume their role.curb crime To protect individual life, liberty and property. ”

From a national security perspective, he made a series of proposals. Amendments to the Domestic Security Law, defense, intelligence, and the national prison system. He also stressed that “the value of the military must be reassessed.” He also suggested “prioritizing the fight against drug trafficking” and “preventing land occupation”.

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