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In order to ban the sale of combustion cars in 2035 in a socially acceptable way, the government must immediately take legal and tax measures in this matter, said Jakub Faryś, president of the Polish Automotive Industry Association.

As the head of the Polish Automotive Industry Association (PZPM) recalled, during the November COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, over 100 countries (including Poland), organizations and companies (including automotive) signed a declaration prohibiting the registration of new combustion cars from 2035.

“It is very good that our government has declared active support for these activities,” Faryś pointed out.

He assessed that the decision was particularly ambitious, because only 14 years remained until 2035, and in the last 30 years, no measures have been taken in Poland to stop the influx of old used cars, of which more than half a million enter our country every year. “The age of at least half of the cars imported in recent years exceeds 10 years” – he noted.

According to the expert, it is in this context that the government should immediately take measures that will make it socially acceptable, and thus possible at all.

“At the beginning, we need a tax incentive for Poles, who mostly drive used cars, to replace them with younger ones” – he pointed out. As he emphasized, the point is to smoothly and rationally eliminate old vehicles from the market and create conditions for the rejuvenation of the fleet.

“The second thing is to intensify the construction of publicly available networks of electric car charging stations and hydrogen refueling,” he added. “Especially that automotive manufacturers have already declared that from 2025, and at the latest in 2030, most of their production will be electric cars” – he stressed.

The expert also pointed out that the construction of hydrogen charging and refueling stations is one thing, the state must also ensure electricity supplies, which requires the construction of a modern transmission network. “These are long-term and costly investments that the state should implement as soon as possible,” he indicated.

The head of the PZPM also pointed out that the rulers, when planning activities that will lead to the implementation of the Glasgow agreement, should take into account maintaining the role and competitiveness of the domestic automotive sector. “It is a substantial part of the Polish economy, employing over 400,000 people” – emphasized Faryś.


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