207 thousand structures may be damaged in the expected Marmara earthquake

On 17 August 1999, in the 24th year of the Goluk earthquake, eyes again turned to the reality of the earthquake. Bugara Gökçe, Deputy Secretary General of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM)Gave a statement on this subject in the live broadcast of Hawk TV. Gokse, to Istanbul “worst case scenario” In explaining that he used the following statements:

“According to the worst-case scenario, 207 thousand buildings may be damaged in the Marmara earthquake in Istanbul. This situation will directly affect the approximately 3 million population of our city. We are starting our earthquake-resistant transformation plan from the most at-risk areas Conditions of soil and building stock.”

The chaos that Istanbul may experience after the expected Great Marmara earthquake scares the citizens of the city. So, what kind of work does the IMM do in this regard? In the city, where experts’ warnings for the building stock regarding possible earthquakes have come one after the other, IMM continues the demolition of buildings in the at-risk building group analyzed by a rapid scanning method. As a result of rapid screening tests, which exploded in demand after the February 6 earthquake in Kahramanmaras, it was announced that more than 100 of the 318 most risky buildings, in which 9-10 thousand people lived, were destroyed. in first place.

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