23 years telling their story

With and for you, our listeners, staunchest fans, and harshest critics, in short, the main reason that sustains us, inspires us, and encourages us.
I am not going to tell the story of radio, because there are heroes and heroes who are witnesses and heroes of this achievement. It will be difficult to name those heroes without forgetting someone, but I am sure we all agree on one person, a common denominator that brings together the memories and efforts of this company, the great Raoul Simone. Who first dreamed what they see, what they hear and what they read.
But it seems unacceptable to spend a day like today without remembering some of the details that make us who we are. One radio, one company, one company, one way, one way, one voice, one friend.
Clearly we couldn’t be who we are without you, the neighbors and listeners who pick us up with our mistakes and successes every day. In our ways, in our ways, and in our way of doing radio, that often breaks the mold but goes too far.
They choose us and love us with our problems, our sorrows and our joys. At times, believe me, you, the listener, are our company, our friend.
Radio Dos is made up of a group of people who give their best to their work. With bad days and good days, but with the conviction to always give the best, never giving up the commitment and responsibility to communicate, know, share reality with the aim of changing it, making it better.
Sometimes it’s good for us, and sometimes it goes wrong. But the next day we are here and the good thing is that you are also here with us. And that love, that trust that we build is what makes us unique in the world, sets us apart as a medium, and connects us as people.
Radio DOS was the dream of a group of people, and today it is a reality for the dreams of many others.
Radio Dos is not just its journalists, it has its listeners, its readers, they are all the people who make the medium great.
What we are today is also because of you. Thanks to their trust, they open the doors of their home for us, they tell us about their problems, worries, anxieties and they give us a chance to be with you.
Thank you for allowing us to be who we are, a medium. Taking concerns to those who should hear them, and speaking up for those who deserve to be heard.
As our prosecutor, never stop correcting us. Never stop believing. Never stop choosing us.
Huge recognition to the human group that made Radio DOS great. Journalist, editor, announcer, operator, administrator, director and manager. To all those who sacrifice their lives for this beautiful business, this beautiful act of being the company of many.

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