27 hours after giving birth, she dies: her husband collapses when he opens the computer

© 27 hours after giving birth, she dies: her husband collapses when he opens the computer

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Today we tell you the story of Matt Logelin and his wife Liz. The two lovebirds live a magnificent romance. When they fall in love with each other, they know it’s for life. Together, they travel, they share everything, even when life separates them. One day, Liz learns from her husband that she is pregnant. They thought they were living in a fairy tale. But love stories usually end badly.

A husband goes from dream to nightmare

Matt and Liz meet in high school. And it’s love at first sight. You think it’s just a teenage love affair. But no. Seeing Liz, Matt knows he will one day be her husband. Too bad if they don’t go to study in the same towns. Because Liz is going thousands of miles away to California.

But that’s not what will stop their relationship. Matt even decides not to finish his studies to join the woman of his life at home in California. They promise to never separate again.

This is where they start to travel. And Matt takes advantage of a trip to Nepal to declare his love for Liz. He wants to become her husband. Matt then proposes to her, and she says yes. Without hesitating for a second.

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Drama happens for the husband

Liz gets pregnant and it’s a difficult pregnancy. But she is a strong and valiant woman who holds out until the birth. The two lovers are the happiest in the world. They are finally the parents of a splendid little girl.

But the day after giving birth, Liz lets her husband know that she is not feeling well. She ends up collapsing to the ground and loses her life. The mother dies from a pulmonary embolism. She leaves behind an inconsolable husband and a very young baby.

Matt remembers that day when his life changed forever, forever. “ That wasn’t how it was supposed to be. But it was so… My wife is dead. ‘What should I do?’ I don’t know how to live without her »

He opens his wife’s computer

After the death of his wife, her husband decides to go to his computer. This is where he finds his blog, the one she kept. She told her daily life as a pregnant woman. So her husband decides to pursue him and tell his daily life as a widowed father. And his story touches the readers enormously.

“When I was alone with Maddy, (her daughter, editor’s note) especially when she was only a few months old, people constantly asked me where her mother was. Like they never seen a father all alone with his baby“.

The story of this husband is so touching that great actors dream of transposing it to the cinema. Indeed, Channing Tatum is interested. But the project never saw the light of day. It is finally Netflix who manages to stage the life of Liz and her husband Matt. And comedian and comedian Kevin Hart plays Matt. You can thus find the film under the name of Un papa hors par.

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