3 back exercises for 39-year-old Ronaldo who still has impossible muscles

I’ll be 39 years old in a few days Given everything that has been accomplished in life and the world of football, one might think that one of the best football players in history is taking a break until his season starts in Saudi Arabia.but If we talk about Cristiano Ronaldo and check out his latest stories on Instagram, it is obvious that the muscles of the Al-Nassr Cristiano striker never rest.

During a short stay in Dubai, CR7 we can see him complete training Performing a series of cable pulls and curling with dumbbells in front of the mirror…what is he doing?

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In purest Ronaldo style, not doing anything halfway, he performed push-ups in a lunge position. This makes sense. In addition to working the lower back, rear delts, and biceps, the lunge position also tests the glutes, quads, and hamstrings isometrically (remaining static muscles). The shifted position also places additional burden on the torso. Best job ever! Do you want to have a back like a Portuguese star? certainly.Here are three actions you can try now and has received the Men’s Health Seal of Approval.

Ronaldo’s 3 back exercises

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Sitting side pull down

as: Sit on a bench or on the floor in front of the cable machine. Hold the barbell with your palms facing outward and wider than shoulder-width apart. Lean back slightly and keep your chest open. Pull the bar toward your chest and slowly return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise.

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one arm pull down

as: Sit upright in front of the cable machine, on a bench, or on the floor and use the handles. With your palms facing outward, pull the handle down so that your elbows are in contact with your waist and your palms are turned toward your body. Step back and slowly return to starting position. Repeat the exercise.

Narrow grip lat pulldown

Closed Grip Pulldown

as: Attach the short clamp attachment to the cable machine. Sit on the floor or at one end of a bench. Grasp the short grip attachment with your palms facing inwards. With your back straight, pull your body down until your elbows are at your sides and your thumbs touch your upper chest. Repeat the exercise.

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