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Estee Lauder is in talks to buy the luxury brand Tom Ford. It was reported on Wall Street Journal citing some sources, according to which the transaction would have a value of about three billion dollars, it is the largest acquisition ever for the cosmetics giant. According to sources heard by the US newspaper, there are no guarantees that the two sides will reach an agreement. Estée Lauder, in fact, would not be the only company interested in the famous brand, known above all for men’s clothing.

Previous collaborations

The Tom Ford brand was launched by the designer of the same name in 2005. Previously, Ford was creative director of Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. The company is best known for menswear, but it also sells womenswear and accessories, as well as a line of high-end cosmetics and perfumes. Estée Lauder is mainly interested in this part of the brand’s activities. The executives of Estée Lauder, explains the WSJ, pointed out that Tom Ford is among the few brands to experience double-digit sales growth. In 2005, Tom Ford advised the cosmetics giant for a perfume, Youth-Dew Amber Nude. Immediately after, the company wanted to make an agreement to develop and distribute fragrances and cosmetics under the Tom Ford Beauty brand.

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