3 children. The grandfather among the firefighters on the spot

Ten people were killed in the flames, seven adults and three children : this is the dramatic balance of a fire erupted in the night in a two-story house in Nescopeck, in Pennsylvania . Among the first responders to bring in to quell the flames was Harold Baker, a fireman volunteer who – when the alarm went off – did not imagine that the fire engine would have to intervene to put out a fire in his relatives’ house: among the victims of the fire are the son and daughter of the fireman, the father-in-law, the brother-in-law and three of his nephews.

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The children who died were 5, 6, and 7 years old, Pennsylvania state police now engaged in a criminal investigation reported. Adult victims are Dale Baker, 19, Sister Star Baker, 22, David Daubert Sr., 79, Brian Daubert, 43, Shannon Daubert, 45, Laura Daubert, 48, Marian Slusser, 55.

Harold Baker, who was on the scene with Nescopeck Volunteer Fire Co., told Wilkes-Barre’s Citizens’ Voice that the original address of the reported daily fire was for a house next door. But when the fire truck turned onto the street and saw the flames below, he realized it was his relatives’ home. “We tried to get in, but there was no way,” Baker said.

In the burned-out house, completely ablaze, Baker’s relatives and his children host a family reunion he is there to visit his uncles. Three people managed to escape to safety.

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