3 Christmas gifts to give to cinema lovers

3 Christmas gifts to give to cinema lovers

Christmas is the perfect time to donate something, but it’s often difficult to decide what. But passions help us: here are 3 ideas for Christmas gifts that movie fans will love.

The book of the film, the DVD of the book… or both!

The book is always better than the movie“: this statement is 99% true, however there are often exceptions that prove the rule… and what could be the best Christmas present, for a film lover who also appreciates literature, than the book from which a film was made – or, conversely, the DVD taken from the book? Better yet: what gift could be more appreciated than the book/DVD combo?

The box set with a collection of DVDs is perhaps not the most original idea but, choosing the right title, it will still be an appreciated gift.

A popcorn machine

It is well known that one of the most beautiful traditions of the Christmas season is to sit on the sofa and watch your favorite Christmas movies. Wouldn’t it be great, while sitting in a nice soft chair wearing your favorite blanket, to have a popcorn machine next to it?

With those flavors, colors and scents it will seem like you’re right at the cinema!

Theme dinner

Wandering on social media, you often find videos of themed dinners and, among the most popular dinners, there are certainly those with a cinema theme.

Organizing an entire dinner, from cutlery to food, following the plot of a film would be a very special gift… imagine a fantastic dinner based on Mom I missed the plane!


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