3 Cool Ways to Make Money Playing Pokemon Go Game

Do you know you can use your smartphone to earn money while still playing games like Pokemon Go?

Below are more ways to turn your Pokemon Go fun times to money:

  1. Get Paid for Placing Lure Modules in Pokéstops

If you are not working at the moment, would like to apply and work part-time helping businesses in Pokéstops or gyms lure foot traffic?

Well, if you are interested, then you can become a “lure employee” for that business. This designation means that you simply help that business to place ‚Äúlure modules‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúincenses‚ÄĚ in strategic places around the location to attract Pok√©mon Go players.

The more players that come around the business place, the higher chance of getting foot traffic that could eventually patronize the place as customers.

This is a unique opportunity of making money from Pokémon Go that many people are already taking advantage of.

  1. Sell Pictures to Other Pokemon Go Players

Some players love pictures and can buy from you if you have what they like to buy. For example, some who have foot fetishes might want you to sell your feet pics online to them and they can pay you well for it.

It’s all about being comfortable with such players to sell pictures of feet to them. If you are not comfortable, you should certainly not do it.

If you want to explore this further, here’s how to sell feet pics on social media using very powerful strategies that work.

  1. Drive Players to Pokéstops

Driving Pokémon Players from one spot to another to catch and collect Pikachu and other Pokémon Go creatures is just following fun or following a passion, you should also be earning money from this action.

Yes, by becoming a Pokémon Go driver, you will save a lot of people from traipsing over the metropolis and saving them energy they might exert while walking to find, capture and train rare Pokémons.

If you have vast knowledge of locations where Pokémons can be hunted or hatched, and you have a sound car to comfortably move people around, then you are good to go!

You will start earning money this way and may even earn more if your car is printed with Pokémon-themed decalcomania.

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