3 Dead and 8 Injured in Immigrant Smuggling Attempt

A motorist was taken into custody on Friday morning after he allegedly fled Border Patrol agents before losing control of the pickup and crash.

The fatal accident occurred shortly after 4:30 pm Thursday on the west side of Interstate 8 near Crestwood Road, the officer said California Highway Patrol, Travis Garrow.

Border Patrol agents tried to stop a van Chevrolet Silverado white near the border between the US and Mexico in eastern San Diego County, but the driver did not stop, Garrow said.

The Chevrolet driver drove the agents on a high-speed chase westbound on Interstate 8 before Border Patrol agents deployed a barbed-wire strip east of Crestwood Road that caused the driver to lose control. the truck, said Garrow.

The truck veered off the right side of the road, climbed a dirt embankment, flew into the air, lowered the embankment to Interstate 8 westward and fell on the left side, on the left lanes of the road.

The truck carried 11 passengers and the driver was the only person wearing a safety belt, Garrow said, adding that investigators believe that two people were in the cab of the truck while the rest were lying in the box of the truck. The 10 passengers were uninsured at the time of the accident and were expelled from the van, Garrow said.

Three people were declared lifeless at the scene and eight people were transported to local hospitals with moderate to severe injuries, Garrow said. So far no more details about the victims have been revealed. The Chevrolet driver was stopped by Border Patrol agents and was being treated for his injuries at a local hospital, Garrow said.

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