3 generations of smartphones in a year? I do not like this

OPPO Reno 5 was presented in December 2020. In July 2021, OPPO Reno 6 took its place, and in November OPPO Reno 7 appeared.

This gives as many as 3 generations of the same series in less than a year. I do not remember a manufacturer that would have a higher rate of releasing new smartphones.

But is such a high pace good? Well, for OPPO it probably is. Since the manufacturer has been consistently sticking to its strategy since 2019, it apparently has a business justification. For me & hairsp; – & hairsp; from the perspective of a potential customer & hairsp; – & hairsp; this approach is not very convincing, however. For several reasons.

Why does this smartphone cost so much? Because it’s the newest… Oh no, not anymore

Consumer electronics is said to be covered by the so-called novelty tax. If someone decides to spend a 4-digit sum on a phone without the first one in front, they could be motivated by the desire to have the latest and best equipment from a given manufacturer. The one whose ads are pouring out of every nook and cranny.

OPPO Reno 7

In the case of the OPPO Reno line, we are talking about a very short-term investment. OPPO Reno 6 hit Polish stores in September, and in November it is already a smartphone of the previous generation. Something like this can be irritating.

With such a high pace, the manufacturer makes it difficult to improve the equipment

What is the most effective way to develop your products? All you have to do is observe customer reactions, nurture things that are praised, and remove or correct those that are criticized. Seemingly simple, but practically impossible to implement during the year when the 3rd generation is being introduced.

Each manufacturer has its own pace of device development. However, I talked to many people from the industry and they agree that creating a new phone takes at least several months, and six months before its premiere, making major corrections is extremely difficult, if not impossible.

When OPPO Reno 6 went on sale, the Reno 7 was almost certainly at a very advanced stage of development. The criticism of the predecessor probably had little impact to its final shape.

I do not have to theorize, because the disadvantages of this approach can be seen in practice. In OPPO Reno 4, I did not like the vibration motor very much, which in terms of quality was far from the competition. The same component went to Reno 5 and only Reno 6 got a completely new haptic, which the manufacturer proudly boasted about in the promotional campaign.

Releasing smartphones one by one creates a temptation to introduce restrictions

Imagine you are the head of a team that deals with the development of new smartphones. You have a pool of components, technologies and functions that you could implement here and now, but you know that as many as 3 generations of smartphones are planned for the next year.

OPPO Reno 7 Pro

What are you doing? You dose the available solutionsso that each subsequent smartphone can get something new.

I am convinced that some of the technologies implemented in OPPO Reno 7 could easily go to Reno 6 and 5, if not for the crazy publishing cycle imposed by the management board.

However, I am aware that such a policy also has its advantages

Let’s say you’re a fan of the Samsung Galaxy S series and your carrier contract ends in the fall of 2021. Now you have a dilemma: buy the S21, which is almost a year old, or wait until February for the S22?

Fans of the OPPO Reno series do not have such a dilemma. You can buy a recently launched smartphone at any time, so it’s almost never too early or too late to connect.

Lots of generation also means a lot of choice, which many customers can appreciate. They can choose one of the three Reno 7 representatives, bet on the cheaper Reno 6 series or the even cheaper Reno 5, and none of the phones has even had their first birthday yet.

So while I would personally prefer OPPO & hairsp; – & hairsp; like Sony & hairsp; – & hairsp; to slow down a bit, I am aware that the company’s policy also has positive sides.

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