3 points needed from this match

Speaking at the post-fight press conference at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium, Güneş said that he was happy to get his first win in the first match.

Gunness congratulated his players, stressing that they did not start the game too fast and that the opposition put up a good fight, especially in the first half.

Noting that they accelerated the game in the second half and found enough space to win, Gunness continued as follows:

“The late goal troubled us and created resistance for the opponent. Well, they closed the field. It was important to get 3 points from this match. We have to pass this period without any loss. Now we will play at our ground for 2 consecutive matches and we will meet our fans. We want to win these 2 matches and go ahead on our way.”

Talking about Chamberlain and Bakhtiyar Zainutdinov, who were included in Beşiktaş’s squad, Güneş said that he would give his comments about the two players after training.

“This can be a positive decision for both America and Adana Demirspor”

Expressing that they played on a good field at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium, but the atmosphere was not good, Güneş said that they generally had problems in this stadium.

Recalling that the previous season’s winning streak had ended at this stadium and they were tied, Gunness said they would have to work regardless of the ground and weather conditions to win.

Responding to a question about whether European matches involving teams playing in the playoffs should be postponed, Gunness continued as follows:

“The federation can take some decisions for the football of the country. It happens all over the world. I don’t want to talk about such matters. When I say something it can mean different things. If matches are postponed If the decision is taken, maybe it is a positive decision for both us and Adana Demirspor. The weather is also warm. At least it can be done during this period.”

“Do we protect Turkish money by not paying Turkish players?”

Gunnes said he made the changes in the second half of the match not to speed up the game, but to change mindsets, “I told some of our players, if you’re going to play like this at halftime, let’s change it.” Give. Our middle trio is very good. I am not saying this because he scored today, but I think Gedson is the man of the match. Salih and Amir are also very valuable players for us. We want to include Cenk Tosun Could have made a move today, but we didn’t want to risk it.” Used his words.

When asked about the latest status on the transfer of Talisca, Gunness continued as follows:

“There is nothing wrong with what I said about Talisca. I said come. There is a request, but the facts are different. I don’t even have a lie. Our people have applied, but they are not planning to give Are.” But we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Ask the administration who will come and go. presidents, teachers, actors.” There are communities that want us to discuss about it. We are doing a task. We are criticized a lot because we didn’t transfer. And people who send Turkish money abroad . You don’t ask about the money spent in the period when the foreign exchange rate rose so much. Do we protect Turkish currency like this? Money Turkish player Are we protecting Turkish currency by not giving money? Good luck “

Expressing that the performance of the teams at the beginning of the season may differ, Gunness ended his words as follows:

“We have to act according to the performance of the players during the match. Today, Fatih Karagumruk played ‘How can I stop it’. He did it well. Others will do the same. It is true for every team. Transfer Maybe remain the favorite in the foreground, but the important thing is the game played on the field. The competitor “Sometimes the opponent takes a shot, you can’t shoot from 10 spots. The league is a marathon, our players will change with time. For example, Pendikspor was defeated in a different way this week, but Pendikspor will not be the same this week. “We want to be the team that scores more goals.”

VAVACARS FATİH KARAGÜMRÜK Technical Responsible Atille Canel: It was a death we did not deserve

Vavacars Fatih Karagümruk’s technical manager Attilé Canal said they didn’t deserve to lose 1-0 at home to Beşiktaş in the first week of Trendyol Super League.

Speaking at the press conference held after the fight at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium, Canel emphasized that the first match of the season was difficult for him.

Expressing that he prepared well for the Beşiktaş match and did not break sports discipline, Canel said, “I can say that it was a defeat we did not deserve. The referee used discretion in most doubles today. Done in favor of the opponent. Today we deserved at least 1 point.” Used his words.

Speaking about the allegations that the club remained silent about the transfer, Canale continued his words as follows:

“Karagumaruk is always silent but adds good players to his team. I hope we will bring some names this week. There will be players next week as well. With the transfers we make, we will do well in the Super League. We said That when we enter this league for the first time, we will add color to the league. We will continue to add colour.”

Finally, Canel said that Salih Dursun, who played the role of striker in the match, was tried on the field during the camp period and during the friendly matches played with İstanbulspor.

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